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New Gizmo Helps Rescuers Detect Heartbeats in Rubble

NASA device uses radar to pick up on signs of life

(Newser) - NASA engineers have dreamed up and built a new device that could help rescuers save lots more lives after earthquakes or other disasters: It's essentially a radar gun that detects heartbeats under heaps of concrete and steel, reports Red Orbit . The FINDER device is portable at 20 pounds, and... More »

Carnegie Hero Fund Honors 18

All ran to the rescue of others; 4 died in the attempt

(Newser) - We definitely need some heroes right about now, and here come the Carnegie Hero Medals. The Carnegie Hero Fund awarded 18 medals of valor today to people who risked their lives—four of them dying in the attempt—to save others. Andrew Carnegie started the fund in 1904 after hearing... More »

Avalanche Dog Turns Up Alive

Welsh corgi appears at hotel 4 days after owner is killed

(Newser) - Avalanches claimed the lives of three Montanans , but a feisty fighter they didn't get was the dog of one of the dead men. Rescuers were certain Ole, a Welsh corgi, was buried along with his owner last weekend. They saw no sign of the dog when they searched... More »

3 Stories