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Royals Release Prince George's Christmas Photos

Behold, a child in a sweater vest

(Newser) - Prince William and wife Kate have released new photos of Prince George, in a sweater vest no less, and the AP notes that the pics are inspiring swooning headlines the likes of "Mummy's Little Soldier Prince" and "Little Prince Charming." The third in line to the... More »

Santorum Boosting Sweater Vest Biz

Official vests keeping Minnesota manufacturer busy

(Newser) - Rick Santorum's economic plan didn't win over the voters of Illinois, but there's no question that he's single-handedly boosting America's sweater vest industry. Finance reports reveal that his campaign—which has been offering official Santorum vests to donors who cough up $100 or more—spent... More »

A Santorum Sweater Vest, Yours for Just $100

Don't let sleeves slow you down, man!

(Newser) - Donors willing to fork over at least $100 to Rick Santorum's campaign will get a little thank-you gift: one of the GOP candidate's now infamous sweater vests . Santorum is attempting to rake in another $1 million by tomorrow, reports USA Today , and he's paving the road to... More »

Also Surging: Santorum's Sweater Vests

Vests get their own Twitter feed, Facebook page, music video

(Newser) - As Rick Santorum surges in the Iowa polls, his collection of sweater vests is also winning popularity. Santorum has taken to wearing the sleeveless V-necks while campaigning in Iowa; the sartorial choice apparently first garnered attention at a Des Moines forum a few weeks ago during which most other candidates... More »

Guy Cleavage: Ew! Stuff It!

Peacock guys can't help but flaunt it

(Newser) - While some women are rallying for the same rights as men to go topless , others are saying "ew" about the latest male peek-a-boo trend to bare "man cleavage." From Jude Law to Simon Cowell, men are baring more and more of their often hairy pecs beneath the... More »

5 Stories