Taiwan-China relations

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Taiwanese Missile Travels Third of Way to China, Kills 1

It hit a fishing boat 46 miles away

(Newser) - In an accident that is unlikely to do anything good for China-Taiwan relations, a Taiwanese naval ship docked in the southern city of Kaohsiung mistakenly fired a supersonic missile toward China during a training exercise Friday, killing one. Officials say the missile—built to destroy ships—traveled almost a third... More »

Taiwan, China Presidents Meeting for First Time in 66 Years

Controversial meeting will happen Saturday

(Newser) - Taiwan's president will meet Saturday with his counterpart from once icy political rival China, the Taiwanese side said, a historic first culminating nearly eight years of quickly improved relations despite wariness among many Taiwanese of the mainland government. Taiwanese President Ma Ying-jeou will meet Chinese President Xi Jinping in... More »

China, Taiwan Hold 'Landmark' Talks, 1st Since '49

Agree to open official liaison offices

(Newser) - Today's a big day for China and Taiwan: They held their first talks since 1949, when the People's Republic of China was formed after a civil war. Since then, they've been perpetually frosty; China has continued to consider Taiwan its territory (albeit a renegade one), and has... More »

Taiwan Re-Elects China-Friendly Prez

Ma Ying-jeou promises 'sovereignty,' more economic ties with mainland

(Newser) - Taiwan has re-elected President Ma Ying-jeou, in a move that might make China smile, but not so fast: Ma says he's more interested in building economic ties with the mainland than re-unifying, reports Bloomberg . Ma won a second term in yesterday's elections, beating the pro-independence opposition candidate 51.... More »

4 Stories