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8 Democratic Reps Arrested at DC Immigration Protest

Lawmakers busted as thousands gather on National Mall to urge reform

(Newser) - After lawmakers supported veterans in flooding DC's WWII memorial last week, the civil disobedience by congress members continued yesterday, with eight Democrats getting arrested at the National Mall during an immigration reform rally. The demonstration was intended to push Congress to pass immigration reform legislation, but also succeeded in... More »

Lawmaker: Why No Hearings on Radical Christians, Too?

Texas Democrat Al Green questions Peter King's hearings on Muslims

(Newser) - Peter King's latest hearings on the radicalization of American Muslims are under way, and a Democratic lawmaker used his allotted time to wonder why there are no hearings on radical Christians as well. Texas' Al Green, the grandson of a Christian minister, said in his five-minute speech that he... More »

American Idol Wants Obama

Producer says he's got a better voice than Mitt Romney

(Newser) - If the whole presidency thing doesn't work out for Barack Obama, he could have a future in show business. American Idol producer Nigel Lythgoe was duly impressed with the president's brief rendition of "Let's Stay Together," he said yesterday, in a tweet spotted by Politico... More »

Obama Sings Al Green

Soul legend attended president's Apollo Theater fundraiser

(Newser) - When the legendary Reverend Al Green is at your fundraiser, what choice do you have other than to burst into one of his songs onstage? That's what President Obama did last night at the Apollo Theater, singing the first line of Green's "Let's Stay Together" to... More »

4 Stories