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Kanye West Apparently Caught Pirating Music Software

Deadmau5 is not happy

(Newser) - Kanye West was considering legal action against the Pirate Bay last month after his album, The Life of Pablo, became a hot illegal download —but apparently that doesn't mean he's above a little piracy himself. On Tuesday, the rapper tweeted a photo showing that he was listening... More »

Piracy-Fighting Plan: Teach Copyright Law to Little Kids

MPAA backs planned 'Be a Creator' program

(Newser) - The Motion Picture Association of America wants young people to know that piracy is a crime—and the group is hoping to get the message out early. It's teaming up with the Recording Industry Association of America and Internet service providers to push an anti-piracy program in elementary schools,... More »

The Most Pirated TV Shows of Spring

'Game of Thrones' takes the crown

(Newser) - As we head into the wasteland that is summer television, TorrentFreak takes a look back at the 10 most pirated TV shows of Spring 2013. Surprising no one, Game of Thrones takes the, er, crown, with piracy of the show up 25% over last year. It had an estimated 5,... More »

Pirate Bay Loses Key Provider of Internet Access

Political party in Sweden pressured into cutting ties with piracy site

(Newser) - The Swedish Pirate Party swapped its black flag for a white one today, cutting ties with the Pirate Bay in response to legal pressure. The notorious filesharing site has been using the political party's servers, the Wall Street Journal explains, but a group called the Rights Alliance, which represents... More »

ISPs Kick Off Effort to Stop Your Illegal Downloading

ISPs look to slow, yank Internet access via 'six strikes' system

(Newser) - Many of the biggest Internet Service Providers have a new plan to keep customers from illegal downloading, and they're rolling it out over the next few days. The "six strikes" Copyright Alert System involves six notices, sent with increasing urgency, that your ISP suspects you of peer-to-peer piracy.... More »

Report: Online Pirates Take Advantage of Google, Yahoo

They're among top ad providers to piracy sites: study

(Newser) - Online piracy may come mostly through a seemingly neverending supply of torrent sites, but a new study is shining a light on the role mainstream online companies—namely, giants Google and Yahoo—have in supporting piracy. After all, even torrent sites need ads to survive, and many of their ads... More »

To Avoid Raids, Pirate Bay Sails to the Cloud

Notorious BitTorrent boasts it can 'cross borders seamlessly'

(Newser) - The Pirate Bay is determined not to go the way of Megaupload. The notoriously resilient BitTorrent site has moved its operations entirely online, TorrentFreak reports, in a move that it thinks will insulate it against police raids. "Moving to the cloud lets TPB move from country to country, crossing... More »

Japan's New Fine for Illegal Downloads: 2 Years in Jail

New penalties take effect today

(Newser) - Japan is really cracking down on online piracy: As of today, anyone who possesses illegally downloaded music or movies could go to prison for as long as two years, CNN reports. They also face fines of nearly $26,000. Possessing content that infringes on copyright laws has been illegal in... More »

Web's New Colorful Bad Boy: 'Kim Dotcom'

German-born Kim Schmitz leads a lavish lifestyle

(Newser) - The high-profile crackdown this week on on allegations of online piracy has brought the larger-than-life exploits of its founder, Kim Dotcom, into the spotlight. We already knew he had a safe room . Some other highlights collected from the Wall Street Journal , USA Today , and the Independent :
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