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20th Century Fox Trashed for 'Perverse' Film Promo

'Fake news' approach apparently wasn't the way to go

(Newser) - The Sacramento Dispatch had a breaking "bombshell" on its website the other day: President Trump and Vladimir Putin had been seen hobnobbing at a Swiss resort before Election Day. Which would've been quite alarming, considering the recent hubbub around Trump's alleged Russia ties—except, as the Washington ... More »

N. Korea's Internet Just Leaked— All 28 Websites

(Newser) - Have a few minutes? You can peruse all of North Korea's websites. The country's main Domain Name System server was reportedly misconfigured on Monday and a security engineer for Uber took notice. Matthew Bryant was able to access data on all .kp domain names, then shared it on... More »

Deaf, Blind Sue to Make Online Shopping Accessible

Advocates for the deaf, blind have won several recent victories

(Newser) - A Target store needs to be accessible by people with disabilities, so why not the Target website? That's the aim of advocates who are increasingly arguing in lawsuits that websites must also comply with the 1990 Americans With Disabilities Act. That theory has been dismissed by a few courts... More »

Millions of GoDaddy Sites Down; Hacker Behind It?

Member of Anonymous takes responsibility but won't divulge a motive

(Newser) - GoDaddy is investigating why millions of its websites are down today but won't say much about the details, the LA Times reports. "GoDaddy did experience some intermittent outages, and it impacted our site and some customer sites," said a spokeswoman. "Some are already back online."... More »

Critics Say Kids' Websites Gather Data Illegally

McDonald's, Nickelodeon, and Cartoon Network among those named

(Newser) - Are McDonald's, Nickelodeon, Subway, and other major companies illegally collecting data from children online? A group of 20 public interest groups believes so, and it has filed complaints with the Federal Trade Commission to halt the behavior, reports the New York Times . The complaints assert that six popular websites,... More »

Facebook Exec Leaving for Startup

Tech chief Bret Taylor departing this summer

(Newser) - A top exec is bolting from Facebook so he can work on his own startup. Chief technology officer Bret Taylor, who supervised platform and mobile products, will leave this summer, reports AllThingsD . His leaving could prove worrisome as a reflection of Facebook's inability to retain strong leadership, especially in... More »

10 Places Blurred on Google Maps

What is that weird blob in Siberia?

(Newser) - Google Maps provides a vast photographic atlas of the planet, but many locales are blurred out and hidden from the public because of security concerns by the country in question. Mashable rounds up 10 such spots you are forbidden to see with clarity: More »

Hackers Crash Vatican Website

Italian branch of Anonymous takes credit

(Newser) - Hackers infiltrated the official website of the Vatican today and crashed it, and the culprits were an Italian branch of Anonymous, reports Reuters . According to a statement on group's Italian site, the hackers targeted the Vatican because of the Catholic Church's extensive history of "corruption." The... More »

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