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Bo Xilai Bashes Key Witness: He's in Love With My Wife

Disgraced pol turns makes planned 2-day trial last 5

(Newser) - Earlier in his corruption trial, Bo Xilai dismissed his wife's testimony by calling her insane ; today, he attacked another witness by arguing that the man was in love with his wife. According to Bo, the government's top witness, former police chief Wang Lijun, and Bo's wife, Gu... More »

Disgraced Bo Xilai Ejected From Communist Party

China: Politician will 'face justice'

(Newser) - Former Chinese political star Bo Xilai has been expelled from the country's Communist Party, Voice of America reports, following his wife's suspended death sentence in the murder of a British businessman. Once the party leader in the city of Chongqing and a likely candidate for high national office,... More »

Ex-Police Chief in Bo Xilai Scandal Gets 15 Years

Noose tightens around Bo in murder case

(Newser) - The one-time Chinese police chief who blew the whistle on the Bo Xilai murder scandal has been sentenced to 15 years in prison. Wang Lijun, who attempted earlier this year to defect to the US, was sentenced today by the Chengdu City Intermediate People's Court for bending the law... More »

China's Bo Scandal Erupted at US Consulate

Consulate shielded Wang Lijun from pro-Bo cops, but refused him amnesty

(Newser) - The biggest political scandal to hit China in a generation started with a visit to a US consulate that sparked a frantic State Department debate, the New York Times finds. When Chongqing chief Bo Xilai's deputy Wang Jilun fled to the US consulate in nearby Chengdu, he was refused... More »

China's Bo Tried Blocking Wife's Murder Probe: Report

That's why he fired police chief Wang Lijun, says Reuters

(Newser) - Soap operas have nothing on the unfolding saga of ousted Chongqing boss Bo Xilai . The latest revelation in the saga: Bo's downfall was triggered when his police chief, Wang Lijun, came to him with evidence that his wife had murdered British lover Neil Heywood. Bo originally agreed to let... More »

Was Brit Exec Killed for Links to Booted China Boss?

UK embassy asks Chinese for investigation into mysterious death

(Newser) - The Chinese blogosphere has been buzzing ever since rising political star Bo Xilai was suddenly ousted from his important post in Chongqing . But now his downfall is being connected to the mysterious death last year of a British executive stationed in China, reports Bloomberg . Neil Heywood allegedly died of drinking... More »

Strange Scandal Dethrones Charismatic Chinese Pol

Bo Xilai removed as Chongqing party chief

(Newser) - A rising star in Chinese politics was ousted from his powerful perch as party chief in the huge city of Chongqing today, following a strange scandal that saw Chongqing's police chief seek US asylum . Bo Xilai is a charismatic figure who, unlike most Chinese politicians, actually courts the media.... More »

Famed China Police Chief May Be Seeking US Asylum

Wang Lijun has dropped from sight amid rumors

(Newser) - The former top cop of a major Chinese city has dropped from sight amid unconfirmed reports he is seeking US asylum following a quarrel with one of China's most powerful local politicians. Wang Lijun, a crusading lawman who made his name busting crime gangs and inspired a drama on... More »

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