tourette's syndrome

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Tim Howard: Tourette's Sufferer and All-Time Great

...and Secretary of Defense, apparently?

(Newser) - The US may have been eliminated yesterday , but instead of mourning, many fans are today toasting a heroic performance from Tim Howard, who set a World Cup record with 16 saves—the previous record was 13. Howard's now-undisputed status as the greatest US goalkeeper ever is all the more... More »

New Theory on Mystery Tic Illness: Blame Facebook

LeRoy teens might unconsciously mimic each other: Neurologist

(Newser) - Erin Brockovich is testing soil samples to see whether there might be a toxic link to a mysterious illness hitting teens in upstate New York, but a neurology professor has a different culprit in mind: Facebook and other forms of social media. He thinks the victims—more than a dozen... More »

2 Stories