Special Operations Command

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Special Ops Soldier Killed in ISIS Raid Was Father of 4

Joshua Wheeler shot to death in firefight in Iraq

(Newser) - The first American to die in combat operations against ISIS has been identified as Master Sgt. Joshua Wheeler of Roland, Okla. Officials say the 39-year-old Delta Force commando was shot to death in a firefight during a raid that freed at least 70 ISIS captives, including 20 members of the... More »

Special Forces Boss Seeks Freer Hand

Admiral William McRaven wants more autonomy in deploying special ops

(Newser) - As the US increasingly turns to Special Forces instead of troop deployments to make surgical hits, the admiral in charge of Special Forces Command is looking for more autonomy in positioning his elite units and their equipment around the world, reports the New York Times . Admiral William McRaven, who oversaw... More »

2 Stories