Portland International Airport

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Why Thousands of Selfies Feature This Carpet

Portland airport's floor covering is a celebrity in its own right

(Newser) - Today, Portland, Oregon is parting ways with a beloved friend: a rather unattractive carpet in the city's international airport. The turquoise floor covering with odd geometric designs was originally installed in 1987, when its look was perhaps a bit more in style; yesterday, workers began removing it, KGW.com... More »

Passenger With E-Cig Kicked Off Flight

Does it violate 'no-smoking' rules? Continental thinks so

(Newser) - A flight out of Portland had to return to the airport yesterday after a man started puffing on an e-cigarette shortly after takeoff and refused to stop. He was escorted off the plane at Portland International Airport and may face federal charges, reports OregonLive.com . (It's not clear what... More »

2 Stories