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Words Your iPhone Won't Spell-Check: Abortion, Rape

But it will suggest 'abiogenesis': Daily Beast

(Newser) - Got the latest version of iOS on your phone? Don't expect spell-check to help you out when you type "abortiom." After using an iOS 6 simulator, the Daily Beast found iPhones do not offer spelling suggestions for a range of fairly common but controversial words, even when... More »

How Google's 'Autocorrect' Can Save Your Spelling

Microsoft Word's spell-check: A thing of the past?

(Newser) - Love how Google suggests the right spelling when you type in a search? You're not alone. "Over the past five years, Web browsers have become better at spelling than most humans," writes Will Oremus in Slate . Browsers are even better than Microsoft Word's spell-check, because they... More »

School Locked Down After Auto-Correct Texting Mishap

Phone changes 'gunna' to 'gunman' in message sent to wrong number

(Newser) - A Gainesville high school student who apparently flunked Texting 101 caused a school lockdown yesterday. The West Hall student intended to peck out "gunna be at west hall today," but his cell phone's automatic spelling correction feature changed "gunna" to "gunman" in a text message... More »

3 Stories