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Someone Is Killing California's Protected Sea Otters

4 bodies have been found, 3 of them shot, and killer could face jail

(Newser) - Before being hunted to near extinction for their pelts in the 18th and 19th centuries, sea otters littered the Pacific coast. Today the biggest threats to the 3,000 that remain are oil spills and tankers, reports the Guardian , and now a shooter on the loose near Santa Cruz, Calif.... More »

Aquarium Teaches Asthmatic Otter to Use Inhaler

Mishka's trainers at Seattle Aquarium are trying to make it fun

(Newser) - The Seattle Aquarium has diagnosed a sea otter with asthma and is training the animal to use an inhaler. KING-TV reports Dr. Lesanna Lahner diagnosed the otter, named Mishka, after she was having trouble breathing when smoke from wildfires was in the Seattle area. "These lungs ... have more white... More »

Angry Otter Attacks Boy, Grandma

Tabitha Moser says she 'just heard him scream for his life'

(Newser) - A river otter attacked an 8-year-old boy and his grandmother as they were swimming in a park in Washington state yesterday morning. The boy's mother, Tabitha Moser, told King-TV that her own mother saved the boy from a worse fate in the Pilchuck River in the town of Machias.... More »

25 Years After Valdez Spill, Sea Otters Recover

Federal study says they're back to pre-spill numbers

(Newser) - It took 25 years, but sea otters have finally recovered from the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska. A federal study of Prince William Sound sea otters affected by crude oil spilled from the Valdez in 1989 has concluded that the marine mammals have returned to pre-spill numbers. One big... More »

Fishermen Fight Enemy in Court—Sea Otters

They want otter-free zone off California coast

(Newser) - Southern California fishermen have gone to court to protect their catch from sea otters. The industry has filed a federal lawsuit demanding that the US Fish and Wildlife Service reinstate a no-otter zone off part of the coast, reports Courthouse News Service . It seems the sea otters love to hoover... More »

First Surrogate Otter Mom Dies

Toola showed that rescued pups could return to the wild

(Newser) - Staff at California's Monterey Bay Aquarium are mourning the most remarkable sea otter they have ever encountered. Toola, who died at age 15, was the first captive sea otter ever to serve as a surrogate mother to others, raising a total of 13 pups, some of which now lead... More »

6 Stories