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Experts Explain: Disarming Syria Could Be a Nightmare

Could take years to secure chemical weapons, require many troops

(Newser) - As the world rallies around the idea of getting Syria to hand over its chemical weapons, weapons experts tell the New York Times there's much more than a "here you go" involved. "It’s a gargantuan task for the inspectors to mothball production, install padlocks, inventory the... More »

Snipers Shoot at UN Team in Syria

Chemical weapons investigation not off to a stellar start

(Newser) - Syria may have given UN inspectors the OK to access the site of last week's alleged chemical weapons attack , but inspections are not off to a great start. A UN rep confirms that one of the team's vehicles was "deliberately shot at multiple times" by unidentified snipers... More »

Syria Grants UN Access to Alleged Chemical Site

Both sides working to nail down details of visit

(Newser) - Syria will allow UN inspectors access to the site of last week's alleged chemical weapons attack , the country's deputy foreign minister tells CNN , effective immediately, though the AP adds that both sides are working to settle the exact date and time of the visit. The move comes amid... More »

UN Nuke Inspector Dies in Iran Crash

Inspectors' car overturned near a heavy water reactor

(Newser) - Cue the conspiracy theories: A UN nuclear inspector from South Korea was killed and a second inspector from Slovenia was injured in a car crash today, the nuclear watchdog agency said. Iran's official IRNA news agency said the inspectors' car overturned around a heavy water reactor being built in... More »

Nuclear Expert Pinpoints Iran's Explosives Test Site

US official confirms Parchin finding

(Newser) - An American non-proliferation expert says that by using satellite imagery he has identified a building at Iran's Parchin military site that contains, or previously contained, a chamber used to conduct explosives tests, according to Reuters . The building stood out because it had its own perimeter security wall, and a... More »

Iran Nuclear Talks to Resume

Much rests on new negotiations

(Newser) - International leaders have agreed to resume face-to-face negotiations with Iran over the nation's nuclear program after talks broke down more than a year ago. “I have offered to resume talks with Iran on the nuclear issue,” said EU Foreign Affairs Chief Catherine Ashton, who represents the US,... More »

6 Stories