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Your Old Computer May Be Headed for Thailand

Electronic trash once bound for China is now landing in Southeast Asia

(Newser) - One of the most popular tourist destinations in the world has become "a new dumping ground for scrap electronics," as Reuters puts it. At a shipping port south of Bangkok, Thailand, police on Tuesday displayed seven shipping containers filled with more than 150 tons of discarded computer and... More »

He Saves Our Electronics From the Dump, Now Faces Prison

The 'Washington Post' takes a look at Eric Lundgren's court battle

(Newser) - Eric Lundgren is known for impressive and admirable feats, with his e-waste recycling company putting 14,000 cellphones in the hands of US soldiers abroad; the 33-year-old's company handles 41 million pounds of e-waste annually. Now, he's fighting a 15-month sentence. The Washington Post explains the jargony situation,... More »

Americans Each Churn Out 65lbs of E-Waste a Year

Rate of electronics waste surging worldwide

(Newser) - Electronic waste is growing at a staggering rate—Americans alone chucked an average of 65 pounds of old electronic goods each last year—and it is set to surge another 33% within five years unless consumers and producers change their ways, LiveScience reports. Most of the waste ends up in... More »

Downside of Our New Gizmos: Mounting E-Waste

But we can mitigate the worst problems: Bryan Walsh

(Newser) - Apple's rollout of the new iPad comes with the usual fanfare, but Bryan Walsh at Time raises a related problem that gets only a fraction of the same attention: our rising piles of electronic garbage and their very real environmental risks. These days, tablets and smartphones aren't meant... More »

4 Stories