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Battleship Redefines 'Stupid'

Taylor Kitsch stars in board game-turned-movie

(Newser) - It's got a cast full of hotshots and heartthrobs, from Taylor Kitsch to Rihanna to Liam Neeson, but Battleship is about as intellectually stimulating as its board game namesake. But despite the overwhelming critical vitriol, a few reviewers enjoyed it:
  • "This is the kind of summer movie that
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John Carter Bloated but Fun

Taylor Kitsch stars in Martian epic

(Newser) - John Carter was burdened by production drama and bad press about its giant budget; now critics are getting a chance to see what the fuss was all about. It's no great work of art, but the story of a Civil War veteran turned Martian hero is reasonably exciting, they... More »

2 Stories