John Carter

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House '90%' Done on Own Immigration Reform Bill

Secret 8-member team hopes to have own proposal in February

(Newser) - Not to be outdone by the Senate , a secret, eight-person team—four Democrats and four Republicans—in the House of Representatives is putting together its own immigration bill, reports Politico . Although the group won't make its initial deadline of tomorrow, sources say the House team is making good progress... More »

To Beat Studio Rules, Netflix, Redbox Head to ... Walmart?

They buy discs at retail prices

(Newser) - Disney is squabbling with Netflix and Redbox over the DVD of sci-fi flick John Carter, and the feud reflects the intensifying battle for revenue between studios and rental companies, reports the Los Angeles Times . Disney recently cut off DVD sales to such rental providers until 28 days after discs go... More »

Disney's $250M John Carter Set to Lose ... $200M

Sci-fi epic puts Disney Studios in the red

(Newser) - Science-fiction epic John Carter looks set to go down in history as one of Hollywood's biggest-ever money losers. Disney says it expects the movie—which cost more than $250 million to make, and another $100 million to market—to lose some $200 million, putting its movie studio up to... More »

John Carter Bloated but Fun

Taylor Kitsch stars in Martian epic

(Newser) - John Carter was burdened by production drama and bad press about its giant budget; now critics are getting a chance to see what the fuss was all about. It's no great work of art, but the story of a Civil War veteran turned Martian hero is reasonably exciting, they... More »

4 Stories