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Wisconsin: Disney Is 'Buying Our Bike Trail'??

Elroy-Sparta Bike Trail: Filled with video games and motorbikes?

(Newser) - Chalk one up for those who check the calendar: A Wisconsin newspaper reported this week that Disney would buy a beloved state biking trail and fill it with arcade games, piped-in music, motorbike paths, and kid-friendly miniature trains. Public outcry over the County Line article was so intense that editors... More »

Brazil's Wealthy Build Homes in Nature Preserves

Millionaire squatters dodge the law, trample on pristine land

(Newser) - Millionaire squatters? They're not so unusual in Brazil, where more and more of them are claiming land in nature preserves and building spectacular, secluded homes that are perfectly illegal, Bloomberg reports. The owners protect themselves by registering the property in the name of a holding company, and, when the... More »

2 Stories