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KFC Only Follows 11 People on Twitter, and It's Genius

'5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb'

(Newser) - We're not sure if the guy who goes by the Twitter handle @edgette22 does any detective work on the side, but he may want to look into it. Mashable reports the online sleuth made a startling find during what must have been a day filled with downtime, and it... More »

Exotic Spice May Become Cash Crop—in Vermont

Experiments with saffron show promise

(Newser) - For someone who has a passing familiarity with the spice saffron, a few words might come to mind: expensive, exotic, Mideast. Now researchers want to add another, more unlikely one: Vermont. As the Boston Globe reports, Dr. Margaret Skinner of the University of Vermont has been working with test crops... More »

Cinnamon Might Make Us Better Learners

Mice who ate cinnamon showed improved memory, learning

(Newser) - Scientists say they've discovered "one of the safest and the easiest approaches to convert poor learners to good learners." And all you have to do is eat cinnamon. Researchers at Rush University Medical Center say that feeding cinnamon to mice with a poor learning ability turned them... More »

The Dangerous, Uncomfortable Effect of Too Much Nutmeg

Consuming too much can lead to hospitalizations

(Newser) - A dusting of nutmeg on your eggnog won't send you to the hospital—but a couple of tablespoons of the stuff might lead to a very unhappy experience. Nutmeg has long been known to have some dangerous effects. It was believed to be poisonous enough to induce abortions in... More »

12% of Your Spices May Be Contaminated With 'Filth'

FDA also finds that 7% of imported spices have salmonella

(Newser) - Great, the FDA has identified one more thing for people to worry about in the kitchen: spices. The most comprehensive testing yet finds that 7% of spices imported into the country are contaminated with salmonella, reports the Los Angeles Times . That's twice as high as other foods inspected by... More »

Archeologists Find First Evidence of Spicy Cooking

Honor goes to garlic mustard seeds used 6K years ago

(Newser) - The first foodies? Archeologists have uncovered the oldest known evidence of humans cooking with spices, they report in PLoS One . The UK researchers found traces of garlic mustard seeds in 6,000-year-old pots dug up in Denmark and Germany. Because the seeds have little nutritional value but deliver a peppery... More »

New Acne Fighter: Thyme

Agent in plant kills bacteria better than leading treatment

(Newser) - The latest weapon against acne may be on your spice shelf. Scientists have found that thyme extract may fight the skin ailment more effectively than a commonly-prescribed treatment, Scientific American reports. Researchers used the plant's active compound against the chief cause of acne, the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes. Turns out... More »

Why You Should Add Spices to High-Fat Meals

Spices can help cut risk of heart disease: study

(Newser) - Planning to eat a high-fat meal? Load it up with garlic and oregano. A new Penn State study finds that heavily spiced meals help to cut triglycerides, which put you at risk for heart disease—and that the effect is seen even in meals using lots of oil or fat.... More »

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