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In Referendum, 97% Support Making Puerto Rico 51st State

But almost 80% didn't bother voting

(Newser) - Going by votes cast, statehood was the overwhelming winner in a referendum Puerto Rico held Sunday. But going by the actions of most Puerto Ricans, staying home or going to the beach was the runaway winner. The island, a US territory since 1898, held a non-binding referendum on statehood Sunday,... More »

Puerto Rico to Vote on Becoming 51st State

'Colonialism is not an option' in June referendum

(Newser) - Puerto Ricans are getting another shot at voting on statehood after the island's governor on Friday approved a non-binding referendum to determine the US territory's political future. The referendum will be held on June 11 and gives voters two options: statehood or independence/free association. If a majority chooses... More »

Bill Seeks to Make Puerto Rico 51st State by 2025

'We are treated as second-class American citizens': prominent pol

(Newser) - Puerto Rico's new rep to the US Congress filed a bill Wednesday that would turn the island into the 51st US state by 2025. The bill is the first step in a renewed quest for statehood that's to include a referendum letting Puerto Rico voters choose between independence... More »

Election Could Help Give America Its 51st State

Leading Puerto Rico candidate supports statehood

(Newser) - If Ricardo Rossello has things his way, this is going to be one of the last elections where there are a mere 50 American states voting. The New Progressive Party candidate has a big lead in the race to become the island's next governor, and he has come out... More »

Puerto Rico's Statehood Crusade Hits Congress

Puerto Rico delegate calls for yes-or-no vote in island

(Newser) - Could the US soon have a 51st state? If all goes to according to Pedro Pierluisi's plan, maybe. Pierluisi, who serves as Puerto Rico's non-voting representative in the House, filed a bill last week calling for a plebiscite on the matter, the Wall Street Journal reports. The federally... More »

Puerto Ricans Back Statehood in Referendum

But whether it will mean anything to Congress is still unclear

(Newser) - Could Puerto Rico become the 51st state? A nonbinding referendum held there yesterday suggests a majority of its people would choose that option, reports the AP . As CNN explains, citizens were first asked whether they'd like the territory to maintain its current relationship with the US; 54% voted in... More »

Santorum to Puerto Rico: No English, No Statehood

Federal law requires English to be principal language, he claims

(Newser) - Rick Santorum arrived in Puerto Rico yesterday looking presidential, wearing a suit instead of a sweater vest, and with a Secret Service entourage in tow—but it went wrong after he opened his mouth, reports the New York Times . Asked about the territory's hottest topic, a referendum on statehood... More »

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