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ABC News Goes to Court in 'Pink Slime' Defamation Case

Investigative report could cost media outlet $6B if found guilty

(Newser) - In what could be the largest defamation suit in US history, Beef Products Inc. (BPI) is having its day in court after claiming the company lost revenue over an ABC News investigative report that described its product as “pink slime.” The Wall Street Journal reports that a 12-person... More »

ABC, Reporter Head to Trial Over 'Pink Slime'

Diane Sawyer off the hook in Beef Products' defamation claim

(Newser) - Diane Sawyer escapes repercussions, but accusations against ABC News and reporter Jim Avila stand after a South Dakota state judge cleared the way to trial for a Beef Products lawsuit against the network for calling its meat product "pink slime." The Wall Street Journal and Reuters report that... More »

'Pink Slime' Recovers as Beef Prices Surge

'Wall Street Journal' says 2 biggest producers back on track

(Newser) - "Pink slime" may have become the scourge of the meat industry a few years back, but time and rising beef prices can work wonders. The Wall Street Journal reports that the two biggest producers of the product they prefer to call "finely textured beef" have mostly bounced... More »

Jamie Oliver, ABC Sued Over 'Pink Slime'

Former beef worker says phrase figured in his firing

(Newser) - The war over pink slime has resurfaced: Now, a former beef worker is suing TV chef Jamie Oliver, ABC News, and a food blogger for using the unappealing term . Bruce Smith brought the lawsuit after he and some 750 others were fired from a company that makes lean, finely textured... More »

This Steak May Have Fecal Matter Inside

Mechanical tenderization is a big problem, investigation finds

(Newser) - The next time you order your steak medium rare, consider this: More than 90% of beef producers use a process called mechanical tenderization, which can push bacteria including E. coli deep inside the meat. Typically such bacteria only live on the surface of meat, which is why it's theoretically... More »

Pink Slime Maker Slaps ABC With Defamation Suit

Apparently demand for their product has decreased

(Newser) - Beef Products Inc. is suing ABC News in general and several of its anchors specifically for defamation over its reports on BPI's "lean finely-textured beef" product—better known as "pink slime." The lawsuit alleges that ABC falsely led viewers to believe that the beef was not... More »

Is 'Tuna Scrape' the Next Pink Slime?

Consumers worried, but experts say it's not nearly as disgusting

(Newser) - First came "pink slime," the processed beef too dubious even for McDonald's . Now "tuna scrape" might be poised to become the seafood equivalent. With a recent salmonella outbreak being linked to tuna scrape—ground backmeat scraped from the bones of the fish—people are asking whether... More »

Ammonia an Ingredient in More Than Pink Slime

Health officials gave ammonium hydroxide the OK in 1974

(Newser) - If you were appalled by the revelation that the meat industry grinds up beef byproducts and gives them a nice ammonia bath, steel yourself: Experts say ammonia compounds are pretty commonly used in food. Ammonium hydroxide, which was given the OK by health officials in 1974, is added to milk... More »

Pink Slime-Loving Governor Has Task for Congress

...figure out source of the 'smear campaign' against the 'healthy, safe' product

(Newser) - He tried chowing down on pink slime, but Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad is ready to take his lean-finely-textured-beef-love one step further: He wants Congress to pitch in. Branstad on Monday called for a congressional investigation into how the pink slime "smear campaign" began. Of course, Branstad has his own... More »

Pink Slime a Symptom of a Darker Disease

Mark Bittman reminds us that there's far worse stuff in our meat

(Newser) - Public outcry appears to have essentially killed "pink slime" (or as its producers would prefer you refer to it, "Lean Finely Textured Beef"), and Mark Bittman can't help but find that encouraging—and a little ironic. "The stuff is gross, for sure, but it’s... More »

Pink Slime Maker Files Chapter 11

AFA Foods blames sudden drop-off in demand for beef products

(Newser) - Apparently it's going to take more than a couple of governors chowing on a burger to save pink slime: AFA Foods, a leading manufacturer of "boneless lean beef trimmings," today filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection, citing a steep drop-off in demand for its products. AFA will... More »

Paul Ryan's Budget Is Worse Than Pink Slime

Paul Krugman: It's history's 'most fraudulent' budget

(Newser) - Never mind that it's "inconceivably cruel" to cut taxes for the rich and aid for the poor: Perhaps the biggest problem with Paul Ryan's latest budget is that it's "surely the most fraudulent budget in United States history," writes Paul Krugman in the New ... More »

Grocery Chain: Our Shoppers Want Pink Slime

Hy-Vee will offer beef with and without the stuff at its 235 stores

(Newser) - Apparently everyone isn't grossed out by the much-discussed pink slime: Indeed, some customers are demanding it. Thus the 235-store Hy-Vee grocery chain has decided to sell ground beef with and without the product, also called lean, finely textured beef, the Iowa City Press-Citizen reports. Residents of cities that produce... More »

Governors Defend Pink Slime by Eating It

In attempt to combat 'unwarranted food scare'

(Newser) - Pink slime is perfectly safe to eat, but it has a bit of a PR problem, according to federal authorities and a coalition of at least four governors. Department of Agriculture officials say the "slime"—leftover beef trimmings sometimes treated with ammonium hydroxide—is actually a low-cost way... More »

Can You Detect Pink Slime?

AP runs a food test, and the slime doesn't do well

(Newser) - Pink slime, now available in schools , certainly sounds disgusting—but does it actually affect a burger's taste? Writing for the AP , a food critic conducted a taste test to find out. In the process, JM Hirsch learned that unless your meat is organic—which guarantees no slime—it's... More »

Agriculture Dept. OKs 'Pink Slime' for Schools

Critics say filler not safe, not real meat, but beef biz fights back

(Newser) - "Pink slime" may be too dubious for McDonald's , but apparently the ammonia-treated beef filler is good enough for America's schoolchildren. The US Department of Agriculture is set to give the go-ahead today, allowing schools to use ground beef containing the so-called pink slime, reports ABC News . "... More »

McDonald's Stops Using 'Pink Slime'

Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver spearheaded drive against controversial beef

(Newser) - Jamie Oliver's gastric juices must be bubbling with joy. The food activist and celebrity chef has fought for months against so-called "pink slime," and lo and behold, McDonald's announced last week it has stopped using the controversial beef, CBS News reports. The chain was "taking... More »

Danger Lurks in Ammonia-Treated School Lunch Beef

E. coli, salmonella found in product exempted from testing

(Newser) - Most school lunches and fast-food burgers contain processed beef, a product considered so safe from contamination that the USDA exempted it from meat testing—but that has in fact been found to include E. coli and salmonella, according to a lengthy expose in the New York Times . The product, made... More »

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