Gary Stein

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Board: Ax Marine Who Put Obama on Jackass Poster

General will make final decision on Sgt. Gary Stein

(Newser) - A military board has determined that a Marine sergeant committed misconduct and should be dismissed because he posted derogatory comments and Facebook photos of President Obama. Marine Sgt. Gary Stein launched a Facebook page called the Armed Forces Tea Party , in which he slammed Obama, violating Pentagon rules banning criticism... More »

Anti-Obama Marine Faces Boot

Facebook page, Obama digs risking Gary Stein's job: Corps

(Newser) - A Marine is being threatened with dismissal for criticizing President Obama and launching an Armed Forces Tea Party Facebook page, encouraging service members to speak out. Camp Pendleton Sergeant Gary Stein, who also declared weeks ago that he wouldn't follow the "unlawful" orders of his commander in chief,... More »

2 Stories