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Zimmerman's Lawyers Quit

They've lost contact with Trayvon Martin's killer

(Newser) - Strange development in the Trayvon Martin case today: The two attorneys representing George Zimmerman say they're dropping the case because they've lost touch with him, reports the Orlando Sentinel . "On Sunday, we lost track of George, in that he would not return our calls," said attorney... More »

Zimmerman Lawyer Invokes Shaken Baby Syndrome

Hal Uhrig argues that Zimmerman could have died in confrontation

(Newser) - George Zimmerman's lawyers put forth a novel assertion on CBS today, when lawyer Hal Uhrig suggested that Zimmerman was justified in shooting Trayvon Martin because he might have gotten… shaken baby syndrome? "People have said, the force was too much even if he broke his nose and slammed... More »

You Won't Need a Manhunt for Zimmerman: Lawyer

He'll turn himself in if charged

(Newser) - If a special prosecutor does decide to bring charges against George Zimmerman, he'll turn himself in, his lawyer promised today. Zimmerman is currently in hiding thanks to the controversy surrounding his killing of Trayvon Martin, but "he's not hiding from the authorities," Craig Sonner said today.... More »

Stewart Flips Out Over Chair Interview

Lawrence O'Donnell bit leaves 'Daily Show' host in stitches

(Newser) - After watching Lawrence O'Donnell angrily interview an empty chair Monday night after George Zimmerman's lawyer bolted from the interview, Jon Stewart could barely contain his glee. "He's grilling the chair! No, the chair doesn't have medical records to show you, it's a chair!"... More »

O'Donnell Interviews Chair After Lawyer Bolts

George Zimmerman defender Craig Sonner ducks out of studio

(Newser) - Lawrence O'Donnell was set last night to interview Craig Sonner, the "courageous defender" of George Zimmerman, and he wasn't going to let a little thing like a "terrified" Sonner bailing at the last minute deter him. Instead, the furious MSNBC host shouted his questions at the... More »

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