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Stars Accused of Buying Twitter Followers; Now, Consequences

For one, film critic Richard Roeper's columns have been put on hold with the 'Sun-Times'

(Newser) - Film critic Richard Roeper's Chicago Sun-Times columns have been put on hold, and it's in a kerfuffle over his Twitter account. "We became aware over the weekend of issues," Sun-Times editor-in-chief Chris Fusco says in a statement to the Washington Post , and while they're looking... More »

KFC Only Follows 11 People on Twitter, and It's Genius

'5 Spice Girls and 6 guys named Herb'

(Newser) - We're not sure if the guy who goes by the Twitter handle @edgette22 does any detective work on the side, but he may want to look into it. Mashable reports the online sleuth made a startling find during what must have been a day filled with downtime, and it... More »

'Unfollow Bug' Hits Twitter

Tweeters wonder what they're doing wrong

(Newser) - Tweeters are atwitter about an "unfollow bug" hitting the Twitterverse. Scads of Twitter followers are being unceremoniously dumped from sites without anyone's consent or knowledge. “This is a bug, and our team is working to fix it," said a Twitter spokesman. Twitter is advising people to... More »

3 Stories