Springfield, Oregon

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'Real' Springfield Getting a Taste of the Simpsons

In the form of a mural; creator Groening approves the idea

(Newser) - A new mural featuring The Simpsons is coming to Springfield. The real Springfield. Series creator Matt Groening, who grew up in Portland, Oregon, told the Smithsonian two years ago he named Springfield after the real one in his home state. The mural, expected to be completed in mid-September, follows several... More »

Simpsons Live in ... Oregon?

Matt Groening says Springfield is named after the one in his home state

(Newser) - The show has teased about the real location of Springfield for years, but Simpsons creator Matt Groening lets Smithsonian magazine in on the secret: Homer's hometown is named after Springfield, Oregon. Why? Groening grew up in Portland watching Father Knows Best, which was set in "Springfield." As... More »

2 Stories