Scarborogh Shoal

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China Warns of War Over This Rock

Chinese citizens in Philippines warned to stay indoors

(Newser) - China issued a warning to its citizens in the Philippines yesterday, telling them to "avoid going out at all if possible," because a war may be brewing between the two countries, the Telegraph reports. What is this war over? A few rocks in the South China Sea. Both... More »

China Ups Ante in Philippines Showdown

By sending more boats, 'they are worsening the insult': Philippine military

(Newser) - China has escalated a showdown with the Philippines along the disputed Scarborough Shoal in the South China Sea by sending in more surveillance ships and fishing boats, Philippine military personnel tell the AFP . "They are just worsening the insult," the major in command of the region says. "... More »

Philippines Facing Down China Warships

Both countries vow diplomatic response, but tensions high

(Newser) - A warship from the Philippines and two Chinese surveillance vessels are squaring off in the latest territorial dispute in the South China Sea, reports the Wall Street Journal . The confrontation began when a Philippine surveillance plane spotted eight Chinese fishing boats anchored in a lagoon in the Scarborough Shoal over... More »

3 Stories