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Iran Talks, More Calculated Than Advertised, Begin

Report indicates Obama worked hard for that Rouhani phone call

(Newser) - Talks kick off today between Iran and the other P5+1 nations, and both sides were brimming with cautious optimism. Iranian negotiator Mohammad Javed Zarif touted the possibility of a breakthrough, while a senior Obama administration official said that they see "the outlines of a first step," the New ... More »

Why This Time, Iranian Talks Might Actually Work

Talks kick off tomorrow in Istanbul

(Newser) - Iran usually uses "negotiations" over its nuclear program to complain about the US and the West in general, but things might actually be different when talks kick off tomorrow in Istanbul. This time, Iran might actually be willing to talk, thanks to the crippling sanctions it's laboring under,... More »

2 Stories