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Police: Man Befriended Campers, Then Killed Them

Victims were a family celebrating a 24th birthday

(Newser) - William Hudson helped a family of seven get their vehicle unstuck from mud Saturday at an East Texas campsite and hung out with them for a bit, the AP reports. "Then something went wrong," Sheriff Greg Taylor tells the Corsicana Daily Sun . According to the AP, Hudson allegedly... More »

5 Evil Figures Who Had Surprising Pasts

Pol Pot, Ayatollah Khomeini, and Timothy McVeigh are among them

(Newser) - Adolf Hitler's early life as an aspiring artist is well-documented, but who knew that other mass murderers and despots had hopeful beginnings? A rundown, per Ozy :
  1. Pol Pot: The soon-to-be Cambodian despot lived it up in Paris as a foreign student of radio electronics in the late 1940s and
... More »

9 Dead in Canada Killing Spree

Police think man killed 6 adults, 2 kids, and himself

(Newser) - A killing spree in Canada has left nine people dead at three separate locations in or near Edmonton, reports the CBC . Authorities think one man killed six adults and two children in a domestic dispute before committing suicide. Edmonton police found the first victim, a middle-aged woman, inside a home... More »

Mexico: Charred Eye Socket Belongs to Missing Student

Bone fragment was found in dump

(Newser) - More than two months after 43 student protesters disappeared in Mexico, a bone fragment found in a dump has provided what authorities say is the first solid evidence of their fate. Mexico's attorney general says forensic experts have determined that the charred piece of eye socket belongs to missing... More »

Report: Newtown Shooter Could Have Been Helped

Instead, parents, school sheltered and 'appeased' Adam Lanza

(Newser) - Parental denial and stunning breakdowns in his educational and medical treatment led to plenty of missed opportunities to get Sandy Hook shooter Adam Lanza the help he needed and perhaps avoid the 2012 tragedy, a report released today by the Office of the Child Advocate reveals. Lanza had "'... More »

Charles Manson, 80, Gets a Marriage License

Manson, still in prison, has 26-year-old fiancée

(Newser) - Charles Manson may be an 80-year-old mass murderer serving life in prison, but somebody loves him—and that somebody plans to marry the guy, the AP reports. Manson and Afton Burton, a 26-year-old Midwesterner who goes by "Star," have a marriage license that's valid for the next... More »

Mexico: Missing Students Were Burned in 14-Hour Fire

Authorities working to identify remains found in river

(Newser) - Mexico says it finally knows the fate of 43 college students missing since September: They were murdered, burned in a massive fire, and dumped in a river, authorities said today. The nation's attorney general met with relatives and told them that detained gang members filled in the grisly details:... More »

World's 'Greatest' Mass Murderess Bathed in Blood

Countess Elizabeth Bathory died 400 years ago

(Newser) - Talk about a grim anniversary: Countess Elizabeth Bathory of the Kingdom of Hungary died 400 years ago, ending the world's "most prolific" recorded killing spree by a woman, CNN reports. Bathory reportedly tortured and killed up to 650 girls and bathed in their blood because she believed it... More »

How the Media Can Help Stop Mass Murders

Gina Tron was once feared to be a killer

(Newser) - Gina Tron made headlines as a teenager when people mistakenly feared she planned to go on a killing spree at her high school. Now, she writes at Politico about how she enjoyed her brief fame—and how mass murderers seek media validation. If we stop offering them a platform, she... More »

California Shooter Is Son of Hollywood Director

Peter Rodger's son killed 6, wounded 7 in rampage

(Newser) - Looks like the 22-year-old who went on a shooting rampage in Santa Barbara, Calif., last night was the son of an assistant director on Hunger Games, says the Hollywood Reporter . The lawyer for Peter Rodger, second unit director on the film, told the AP that the family called police a... More »

Adam Lanza's Motive: Out-Kill Norway Shooter

Sandy Hook gunman was obsessed with Breivik: sources

(Newser) - Adam Lanza drew motivation from Norway's most notorious mass murderer when he opened fire at Sandy Hook Elementary School, CBS News reports by way of two sources. The officials, who have been briefed on the investigation, say Lanza considered himself in competition with Anders Breivik, who bombed and gunned... More »

Cops: 5 NM Murder Victims Were Teen's Own Family

Boy, 15, charged with killing parents, 3 siblings

(Newser) - The two adults and three children allegedly shot dead by a 15-year-old boy in New Mexico were the teenager's own family, police say. The victims have been identified as respected local pastor, Greg Griego, his wife Sarah, and their children Zephania, 9; Jael, 5; and Angelina, 2, KOB reports.... More »

US Suffers a Mass Killing Every 2 Weeks

'USA Today' analysis returns surprising stat

(Newser) - The Newtown killings have jolted the nation—and USA Today offers a stat that's bound to do the same. Its analysis of FBI records from 2006 to 2010 shows that a mass killing occurs in our nation, on average, every two weeks. It defines mass shooting as the FBI... More »

Breivik Writes Fan Letter to Alleged Mass Killer

He urges German neo-Nazi to go 'political'

(Newser) - Mass murderer Anders Breivik fired off a fan letter from prison earlier this year—to, you guessed it, an alleged mass murderer. Starting with "Dear Sister Beate," Breivik wrote an impassioned letter to Beate Zschäpe, who is suspected of aiding a neo-Nazi group in killing nine immigrants... More »

Sudan to Syria, Obama Protects 'Odious' Regimes

Kristof: US should be 'crystal clear about which side we're on'

(Newser) - In both Syria and Sudan, President Obama's "dithering" is "lame, ineffective, and contrary to American interests and values," writes Nicholas Kristof in the New York Times . Worse, by "taking prudence to the point of paralysis," he's protecting two of the most "odious"... More »

Breivik to US Pen Pal: How Can We Work Together?

Mass. man hails gunman's 'moral conscience'

(Newser) - A Massachusetts "pen pal" of Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik has stepped forward to publicly declare his esteem for the gunman and his battle against "cultural Marxism and the Islamization of Norway." Kevin Forts, 23, made the front page of Norway newspaper VG, which printed excerpts from... More »

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