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$200B in Gold Sits Beneath the Streets of London

The Bank of England vaults are legendary

(Newser) - The old saying about the streets of London being paved with gold is kind of accurate. You just need to go a bit lower. Beneath Threadneedle Street in the city's financial quarter is a 300,000-square-foot "maze" of Bank of England vaults that hold $200 billion in gold... More »

People Can't Wait to Eat at London's Nude Restaurant

Diners and servers alike will be doing their thing in the buff

(Newser) - While its menu hasn't been unveiled, there's one thing hot new London restaurant The Bunyadi will have plenty of: buns. That's because, as NPR reports, the pop-up restaurant scheduled to open in June will be clothing optional. "We believe people should get the chance to enjoy... More »

UK Guy Jailed After Asking Muslim Woman to 'Explain Brussels'

He's held 'on suspicion of inciting racial hatred'

(Newser) - A partner at a PR agency specializing in social media landed in jail after tweeting about an encounter on a London street following the Brussels attacks. "I confronted a Muslim women [sic] yesterday in croydon," Matthew Doyle wrote Wednesday in a since-deleted tweet. "I asked her to... More »

Son of Punk Icons to Burn $7M in Memorabilia

It's a protest against 'mainstream' celebrations of punk

(Newser) - Joe Corre's collection of punk memorabilia is worth $7.2 million—and it will soon go up in flames. The son of late Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren and punk fashion designer Vivienne Westwood says he'll burn his "vast amounts" of clothing and artifacts from the era... More »

Clever Bike Thieves Using This New Trick

They're cutting racks, then hiding the gap with tape

(Newser) - London's bike thieves are getting extra crafty. On Friday, a police officer tweeted photos of a bike rack that had been sliced through and then taped back together to hide the cuts from the city's unsuspecting cyclists, per Boing Boing . Sarah King, a councilor for South Camberwell, tells... More »

Flights From London to New York May Get Longer

Thanks to climate change, say researchers

(Newser) - Planning a round trip from New York to London in the not-too-distant future? The good news: Getting to Heathrow may be quicker than ever at about five hours. The bad news: The flight back to the Big Apple could drag on for more than seven hours, making the overall trip... More »

Man Sets Himself on Fire Outside Kensington Palace

Unnamed man declared dead at scene

(Newser) - A man set himself on fire outside Kensington Palace on Tuesday and was pronounced dead at the scene, CNN reports. Police found the burning man around 3am near Kensington Gardens and attempted to administer medical care but were unable to save him. Prince William and his family, who live at... More »

2 More ISIS 'Beatles' IDed as Londoners

Alexanda Kotey, Aine Davis were part of cruel ISIS cell with 'Jihadi John': reports

(Newser) - A Londoner has been identified as part of an Islamic State cell—along with the late Mohammed Emwazi (aka "Jihadi John" )—that oversaw the beheadings of Western hostages in Syria, per a joint investigation by the Washington Post and BuzzFeed . Emwazi and Alexanda Kotey, 32, were part of... More »

Bus Explodes, London Freaks— Over a Movie Stunt

Jackie Chan, Pierce Brosnan apparently still making movies, and a little chaos

(Newser) - A bus has exploded in central London, raising no small level of alarm—over what turned out to be a movie stunt. City officials Sunday reassured the public that the explosion was part of filming for The Foreigner, starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. The sight of the bus in... More »

Lord at Heart of 1974 Murder Mystery Is Officially Dead

Lord Lucan allegedly killed his children's nanny

(Newser) - A decades-old murder mystery has finally come to some sort of an end. Following a judge's Wednesday ruling, a death certificate has been issued for Lord Lucan, who the New York Times recounts as "a dashing British aristocrat" last seen on Nov. 7, 1974—the day that his... More »

Banksy's Newest Target: Tear Gas Used on Refugees

London mural takes shot at tactics allegedly used on refugees in France

(Newser) - Two giant sheets of plywood now cover Banksy's latest mural opposite the French embassy in London—though developers of the building it's spray-painted on say they're trying to keep it safe, the BBC reports. Never one to shy away from controversy, the artist borrowed the girl who... More »

People Petition God: Bring Bowie Back

And don't miss the singalong in London

(Newser) - A petition may be futile, but that hasn't stopped hundreds from signing their names. The mission: Bring David Bowie back to life. Created by a fan in Rome, the petition begs God to "say no to David Bowie dead" and currently has some 1,200 supporters.... More »

Madonna's Teen Son Refuses to Return to NYC Home

But a judge has ordered him to do just that

(Newser) - Madonna may be endlessly cool to her fans, but that doesn't mean she's exempt from the typical struggles of a mom of teenagers. Her 15-year-old son, Rocco, recently refused to get on a plane from London (where his dad, Guy Ritchie, lives) to New York (where Madonna lives),... More »

Millionaire Cleared of Rape Claims He Tripped Inside Woman

'I'm fragile'

(Newser) - A millionaire in London was acquitted of raping a teen after claiming his penis must have accidentally entered her when he tripped and fell, the Telegraph reports. "I'm fragile," 46-year-old Ehsan Abdulaziz says. "I fell down but nothing ever happened between me and this girl."... More »

Man Casually Shoplifts While Riding Hoverboard

Thanks a lot, Back to the Future

(Newser) - When hoverboards are outlawed, only outlaws will have hoverboards. British law enforcement—which has been trying to ban the "self-balancing scooters" or "mini-Segways"—released amusing surveillance footage this week showing a man in a tracksuit rolling into a London supermarket on a hoverboard, grabbing a case of... More »

Cops: London Underground Knife Attack Was Terrorism

Attacker shouted 'This is for Syria'

(Newser) - Counterterrorism police in Britain are investigating a stabbing at a London Underground station in which a man brandishing a knife injured two people and reportedly said, "This is for Syria." Police arrested a 29-year-old man after the Saturday night incident and said the "violent unprovoked knife attack"... More »

Body Found in Search for US Trader Missing in London

But body hasn't been formally identified, say police

(Newser) - London police say a body has been found in the search for missing US financial trader Josh Sanchez-Maldonado. The man's family has been informed, though no formal identification has taken place yet, the Evening Standard reports. Sanchez-Maldonado was last seen leaving his hotel in west London's Feltham area... More »

American Financial Trader Mysteriously Missing in London

He claimed he was there for a job interview

(Newser) - A young Bay Area financial trader traveling abroad on his own for the first time has disappeared in London, where he told family he had a potential job interview, NBC News reports. According to the Guardian , Josh Sanchez-Maldonado, 24, was last seen leaving his hotel in west London on the... More »

JK Rowling Announces Plot for Harry Potter Sequel Play

Play will follow Potter and his son, 19 years later

(Newser) - JK Rowling announced back in June that Harry Potter was coming to the London stage, but until now, there was much speculation the stage play's plot would be a prequel to the books. Rowling debunked that today: "So now you know it really isn't a prequel,"... More »

Big Ben May Soon Be Mute

Landmark bell could be silenced for years for urgent repairs

(Newser) - Big Ben's bongs may fall silent for months or even years as urgent repairs are carried out. Two of Britain's largest newspapers reported Sunday that Parliament's massive clock and the tower that supports it need as much as $61.7 million in repairs—work that will silence... More »

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