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US Ambassador's Interview Causes a Ruckus in Germany

Richard Grenell accused of politicizing his post by expressing support for right-wing groups

(Newser) - When Richard Grenell began serving as US ambassador to Germany in May, he was accused of offending his hosts on his very first day with a tweet about how German businesses should get out of Iran. A month later, Grenell has once again raised the ire of German politicians, this... More »

Tweet Brings Sour Start to US Ambassador's First Day

Richard Grenell raised some ire in Germany

(Newser) - Richard Grenell's first day on the job may not have gone exactly how he imagined it. The brand new US ambassador to Germany arrived in Berlin on Tuesday, and in the span of little more than an hour, three things occurred: Grenell handed his credentials to Germany's president,... More »

Ousted Gay Spokesman: I'm Still Voting for Romney

Richard Grenell says gay marriage doesn't make up for Obama's flaws

(Newser) - The gay spokesman who resigned from Mitt Romney's campaign at least in part over pressure from anti-gay conservatives isn't about to jump ship to team Obama. Richard Grenell applauds President Obama's embrace of same-sex marriage, but he still takes "exception to his dismal national-security and economic... More »

Grenell Exit Proves It: Romney's Spineless

Won't stand up to GOP power: Ruth Marcus

(Newser) - In letting openly gay spokesman Richard Grenell depart without a fight, Mitt Romney is making his usual "calculus": As he sees it, "the risk of alienating powerful party figures or constituencies exceeds the benefit of repositioning himself, if not in the reasonable center, then closer to it,"... More »

Grenell Departure Is Romney Campaign's First Big Mess

Campaign failed to anticipate problems: NYT

(Newser) - At least six top Romney campaign aides and advisers called Richard Grenell after he submitted his resignation , urging him to reconsider and remain Mitt Romney’s foreign policy spokesperson. But after weeks of being silenced and, he felt, not allowed to do his job, Grenell was done, the New York ... More »

Romney's Openly Gay Spokesman Resigns

Richard Grenell had been controversial

(Newser) - Richard Grenell's job as Mitt Romney's foreign policy spokesman lasted all of about two weeks. Grenell had been a source of controversy on two fronts: He was openly gay, which rankled some conservative commenters, and he had issued a long trail of tweets before taking the job that... More »

New Romney Spokesman Tweaking Left and Right

Left calls Richard Grenell sexist, right annoyed that he's gay

(Newser) - Mitt Romney's newly appointed foreign policy spokesman Richard Grenell has only been on the job a couple of days, but already he's drawing plenty of heat from both sides of the aisle. The left is upset with Grenell's tendency to make sexist attacks on women, particularly on... More »

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