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MSNBC Slammed for Creating Romney 'Gaffe'

Sandwich anecdote deceptively edited

(Newser) - How out of touch is Mitt Romney? Perhaps not as much as one MSNBC report suggests. In a clip aired on Andrea Mitchell Reports, Romney describes buying a sandwich at the local Wawa chain to an audience at a Pennsylvania campaign stop. "You press a little touchtone keypad—you... More »

Woman Arrested After Picking Up Dropped Cash

She kept $2,300 after it fell out of another customer's pocket

(Newser) - Finder, keepers does not apply here. Police nabbed a Philadelphia woman who picked up $2,300 in cash off the floor in a convenience store and kept it. The problem, police say, is that she knew it fell out of the pocket of the customer in front of her and... More »

2 Stories