Boring, Oregon

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Dull, Boring, Bland: Towns With Unexciting Names Unite


(Newser) - Dull and Boring, meet Bland. Dull, Scotland, and Boring, Ore., two small communities united by unexciting names , have joined forces with a third: Bland Shire, Australia. Dull and Boring became sister communities in 2012, after a Scottish woman passed through the US town on a cycling holiday. Officials tell the... More »

Dull, Scotland, Pairs Up With Boring, Oregon

World's least-interesting towns seek transatlantic partnership

(Newser) - Here's some news that's less than exciting: The Scottish village of Dull is hoping to join forces with Boring, Oregon, in large part because it will result in amusing signage. It all started when a Scottish cyclist rode through Boring while on vacation; she mentioned her idea to... More »

2 Stories