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Beekeeper's Surprise Find May Help Our Plastic Problem

Possible solution: hungry caterpillars

(Newser) - Many scientific discoveries can be attributed to a happy accident—the discovery of penicillin thanks to moldy petri dishes, for instance. Might our mounting plastic crisis be solved similarly? One scientist and amateur beekeper in Spain has discovered that the larvae of wax moths, which live on beeswax and thus... More »

New Threat to London 2012: Poisonous Caterpillars

Oak processionary moth caterpillar can cause quite a bit of distress

(Newser) - Planning to attend the Olympics in London this summer? It's sure to be a fun time, except for the creepy-crawly detail of poisonous caterpillars that have been ravenously chomping on Britain's oak trees. The caterpillar in question is the larval form of the oak processionary moth, and its... More »

2 Stories