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Greece Lawmakers Back Austerity Plan

Bailout is on track again, though IMF now has concerns

(Newser) - Greece keeps inching toward its convoluted bailout: Lawmakers have approved an austerity package demanded by European creditors, reports Reuters . This time, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras endorsed them, despite having championed a referendum that shot down a similar package less than two weeks ago. He had to face down a revolt... More »

EU: We Have an 'aGreekment'

New bailout deal reached after marathon talks

(Newser) - After a grueling 17 hours of talks at an emergency summit, eurozone leaders have emerged with an "aGreekment," as EU chief Donald Tusk puts it, instead of a " Grexit ." Leaders have agreed—in principle—on a deal that "means continued support for Greece," Tusk... More »

Greece's Next Crucial Step: a 6pm Meeting in Brussels

Greek PM Alexis Tsipras will present proposal to EU leaders

(Newser) - The referendum was a "no," Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis is out , Euclid Tsakalotos is in ... so where does Greece find itself today? Walking into an emergency summit of EU leaders. The latest:
  • So what is that summit all about? It was arranged following Sunday's vote and will
... More »

The Next 2 Days Are Crucial for Greece

Finance chief quits with pride

(Newser) - Greece delivered a resounding "no" to creditors' demands for tough austerity measures in return for continued bailout aid—and while the development is being widely described as huge, nobody is sure exactly what it will mean for the country, or for the European Union. But with the country's... More »

Greece Leader Asks People to Reject 'Blackmail'

Polls are dead even ahead of vote with massive implications

(Newser) - Greece's top court has declared that Sunday's referendum on a bailout is constitutional, meaning the vote with huge implications for all of Europe will proceed. The latest polls show a dead heat, reports AP , as leaders on both sides try to rally support—especially Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras,... More »

Greek Euro Exit May Cost $1T

Tsipras tells Germany to stop demanding austerity

(Newser) - Europe has hundreds of billions of reasons to try to keep Greece from unceremoniously ditching the eurozone. If Greece leaves, the rest of Europe would face catastrophic losses, Reuters reports. Greece would default on the roughly $250 billion in debt held by the ECB, IMF, and other eurozone nations, and... More »

Radical Left Gets Shot at Running Greece

Eurozone exit more likely than ever after election revolt

(Newser) - Irate Greek voters may have shoved their country out of the eurozone for good in Sunday's election , by crippling the mainstream parties that voted for the country's bailout. The head of the Conservative New Democracy Party gave up trying to form a ruling coalition within hours yesterday, the... More »

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