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Verizon Does U-Turn on Unlimited Data

Firm offers new package for $80 per month

(Newser) - Unlimited data plans are back in style: Verizon, which scrapped its unlimited plans in 2011, is rolling out a new unlimited plan Monday, with data, calls, and texting starting at $80 per month or $45 for each line in a four-line family plan. As with many of today's "... More »

FCC: AT&T Doesn't Know What 'Unlimited' Means

Company accused of slowing down speeds and ripping off customers

(Newser) - The FCC says AT&T apparently doesn't understand what "unlimited" means, and it's proposing a $100 million fine—the largest in its history—to help clear things up. The agency says the company sold unlimited data plans to customers, then dramatically slowed their speeds once they hit... More »

ESPN Could Help Pay Your Mobile Bill

Content providers consider subsidizing data costs

(Newser) - Sick of worrying about staying within your data limits? ESPN is considering helping you out. The channel has discussed the possibility of subsidizing users' data plans with at least one top wireless carrier, the Wall Street Journal reports. For users, the result could be that ESPN usage wouldn't factor... More »

Verizon's New Plans? 'Crummy' for Consumers

Critics agree: You won't like these new family plans

(Newser) - Verizon yesterday unveiled its new "Share Everything" plans, in which families will share one data allowance on a family plan rather than each member having his or her own data allowance on separate plans. Despite the fact that Verizon is touting this as a money-saving opportunity for families, critics... More »

Verizon to Phase Out Unlimited Data Plans

'Grandfathered' customers will be shifted to data-share plans upon upgrade

(Newser) - Verizon is scrapping the $30-a-month unlimited data plan that it still gives to 3G customers who signed up for it before the company switched to a tiered system, reports FierceWireless . When the "grandfathered" customers upgrade their devices, they will be shifted over to Verizon's new data-share plan that... More »

5 Stories