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Fresh Lead in Jet Search? 122 'Potential Objects'

They were spotted via satellite Sunday, but could just be sea junk

(Newser) - The search for debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 is facing a major obstacle in addition to bad weather: a sea full of garbage. The objects spotted in satellite images could be jet debris, but they could just as easily be some of the large quantities of the trash (think... More »

Alaska Coast Like a 'Landfill' 2 Years After Tsunami

Hawaii, British Columbia not sitting much prettier

(Newser) - We're about a month away from the two-year anniversary of the earthquake that spawned Japan's devastating tsunami . Saying its effects linger far from Japanese shores is an understatement, per some recent reports:
  • In Alaska: "You're basically standing in landfill out here," says the head of
... More »

Expedition Charts 'Plasticized' Pacific

'Synthetic soup' extends far into western Pacific

(Newser) - An expedition charting the "Great Pacific Garbage Patch" has been hauling out depressing amounts of plastic from the little-studied waters of the western North Pacific gyre. "We've been finding lots of micro plastics, all the size of a grain of rice or a small marble," the... More »

3 Stories