Abdel Abdoul Fotouh

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Egyptians Back in Tahrir Square, But...

...They may not be doing any good

(Newser) - Thousands of protesters gathered in Tahrir Square today, for what had been hyped as a "Million Man (March) of Justice" in opposition of presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq . Marches converged on the square from points around Cairo, led by defeated presidential candidates Hamdeen Sabahi, a liberal, and Abdel Aboul Fotouh,... More »

At Last, Egypt Holds Presidential Election

Turnout expected to be high for two-day vote

(Newser) - Long lines formed in Egypt today for what promises to be the first non-rigged election in the country's long history. Voting will take place today and tomorrow at 13,000 polling places across the country, and turnout is expected to be high. About 150,000 troops are out to... More »

2 Stories