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Egyptians Back in Tahrir Square, But...

...They may not be doing any good

(Newser) - Thousands of protesters gathered in Tahrir Square today, for what had been hyped as a "Million Man (March) of Justice" in opposition of presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq . Marches converged on the square from points around Cairo, led by defeated presidential candidates Hamdeen Sabahi, a liberal, and Abdel Aboul Fotouh,... More »

Egypt Erupts Over 'Sham' Verdict

Throngs demand harsh justice for police bosses, Mubarak sons

(Newser) - Tens of thousands of furious Egyptians, stunned that Hosni Mubarak's two sons and top police commanders got off scot-free in the recent court decision, thronged streets across the country yesterday in protests that threatened the nation's fragile calm. Though Mubarak and his former security chief were sentenced to... More »

In Egypt, Campaign 2.0 Looks a Lot Like Old Days

Same old Brotherhood, military divide, as new generation shut out

(Newser) - Egypt's top two vote-getters are heading into a runoff looking to broaden their traditional bases and shore up a vast middle ground, reports the AP . Neither are revolutionaries: Former air force commander Ahmed Shafiq and Islamist Mohamed Morsi represent the decades-old divide between the military and the Muslim Brotherhood,... More »

Egypt Election Winner? Looks Like a Runoff

Mohamed Morsi likely to face Ahmed Shafiq, but others claim victory, too

(Newser) - Egypt's presidential race is almost certainly heading toward a runoff vote, according to unofficial results so far. The consensus is that Muslim Brotherhood candidate Mohamed Morsi was the top vote-getter in the first round, with 30.8% of votes counted so far, but who he'll be facing is... More »

Jubilant Egyptians at Polls for Second Day

Despite months of unrest, mood remains upbeat

(Newser) - Millions of Egyptians went to the polls for a second day today, as the country votes on their first freely chosen president in history, reports the New York Times . So far, voter turnout appears lower than yesterday , but today has been made a holiday so public sector employees can vote,... More »

5 Stories