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Key Groupon Investors Ditch the Troubled Stock

Critics say big pre-IPO investments overvalued the company

(Newser) - With Groupon having lost three-quarters of its IPO value, several of its key early investors, including web icon Marc Andreessen, have left the building, reports the Wall Street Journal . Andreessen's firm, Andreessen Horowitz, invested $40 million of the $950 million pumped into Groupon in the months before it went... More »

Mutual Funds Bail on Facebook

Fidelity sells off huge chunk of stock at record speed

(Newser) - Usually, when big mutual funds invest in IPOs, they're in for the long haul. But that might not be the case with Facebook. Twenty-one mutual funds from Fidelity Investments, one of Facebook's earliest buyers, unceremoniously dumped more than 1.9 million public shares combined last month, with 16... More »

Underwriters Score $100M in Messy Facebook IPO

Fidelity Investments, Capital Research among those warned ahead of time

(Newser) - New investors in Facebook may be steamed (and suing ) that their hot property has lost 16% of its value since the IPO Friday, but Facebook's underwriters are sitting pretty. Morgan Stanley and the other underwriters have made an estimated $100 million from stabilizing the buffeted stock, in addition... More »

3 Stories