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America's 10 Most Diverse Counties

Hawaiian counties dominate the list

(Newser) - Graphiq has compiled a list of the most diverse counties in the US by calculating the probability that two randomly selected residents will be of different races designated in the US census: white, black, American Indian/Alaska Native, Asian, and Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander. Hispanic Americans weren't included since they’... More »

10 Wealthiest US Counties

Enjoy the spoils, Virginia

(Newser) - It pays to reside in the DC area if you're a) into the political scene or b) looking for bragging rights to living in one of the wealthiest counties in the nation. The Code Black Group checked out median household incomes across the country and found Virginia and Maryland... More »

Couple Finishes Epic Road Trip to 3,108 Counties

After covering the lower 48, pair will turn to Alaska, Hawaii

(Newser) - A Michigan couple has completed a quest to visit all 3,108 counties in the lower 48 states—closing out the task with their trip to Nantucket. Jennifer and Jonathan Riehl completed their journey this week when they boarded a ferry to the island. The couple from Hancock have done... More »

Meet a Man Who Has Been to All 3,143 US Counties

Reid Williamson is one of 32 Extra Miler Club 'completers'

(Newser) - Apparently visiting all 50 states wasn't enough for Reid Williamson: The 64-year-old is one of just 32 "completers," Extra Miler Club members known to have visited all 3,143 US counties. Washington Post columnist John Kelly takes a fascinating look at Williamson's quest, which started at... More »

4 Stories