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Buyer, Beware: 5 Deadliest Cars in America

Also, the 5 safest cars in America

(Newser) - Just how safe is that car you're driving? 24/7 Wall St. investigated to come up with a ranking of the safest and least safe car models sold in the US. The cars you'll want to drive, and those you won't, based on driver death rates: More »

Astronaut Can See Daughter's Love— From Space

Thanks to a little help from Hyundai

(Newser) - A 13-year-old girl has managed to send a message to her dad ... one that he could see from space. Sure, it's a publicity stunt executed by Hyundai, but it's heartwarming nonetheless. The automaker put 11 Genesis sedans and stunt drivers to work in Nevada's Delamar Dry Lake,... More »

CES' Hot New Gadget Is Your Car

New vehicles sprout 4G; Google announces Open Automotive Alliance

(Newser) - The big news from the Consumer Electronics Show—where the expected theme is "the connected car"—is a plan to make your new vehicle a little more like your smartphone. General Motors and Audi tell the Wall Street Journal they have plans to give their vehicles built-in 4G... More »

You Can Buy a Hydrogen-Powered SUV Next Year

Hyundai introducing Tucson powered by hydrogen fuel cell

(Newser) - For the first time, starting next year, you'll be able to buy a car powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. Hyundai will introduce a hydrogen-powered version of its Tucson SUV, which will initially only be sold in California, as the state has nine filling stations available. As more filling... More »

EPA: Hyundai, Kia Exaggerated Fuel Claims

Automakers will give debit cards to reimburse nearly 1 million buyers

(Newser) - The EPA says Hyundai and Kia overstated the fuel efficiency of more than 900,000 of their recent vehicles by as much as 6 miles per gallon, reports the Los Angeles Times . The South Korean automakers apologized, blamed "procedural errors," and promised to send customers debit cards to... More »

Car With Highest Injury Rate Is ...

Toyota Yaris, with Suzuki SX4 right behind

(Newser) - Driving a Toyota Yaris? Be cautious: At 28.5 injury claims for every 1,000 of the vehicles insured, the car boasts the worst rate of any vehicle, says a new study. The runner-up was the Suzuki SX4, with 26.6 injury claims per 1,000 insured vehicles, the Los ... More »

20K Apply for 877 Hyundai Jobs in Alabama

Some 7K may get interviews

(Newser) - A sobering reminder of continuing unemployment: There are 877 jobs available at an Alabama Hyundai plant—and almost 20,000 people had applied for them by early last week. The number of applications forced the plant to stop accepting applications May 18, weeks before the June 2 due date. Now... More »

Car Sales Jumped 14% Last Month

Chrysler, VW saw huge gains

(Newser) - Americans may be worried about the economy, but they still need to get where they’re going. Auto sales beat expectations last month, rising 14% to 994,721, their fastest sales pace since August 2009, reports the AP . Chrysler led the pack: The automaker’s sales jumped 45%, Reuters reports.... More »

The 9 Cars Most Popular With Women

VW Beetles, small SUVs most popular for women

(Newser) - Women seem to agree on the cars they want to drive—just nine vehicle models have more female registrants than male, according to a survey of vehicle records. The top pick for women is the Volkswagen Beetle, and after that, a strong preference for small sport-utility vehicles emerges, the LA ... More »

Best, Worst Super Bowl Ads

Megan Fox is great, but most ads are in 'meh' territory

(Newser) - It's a rare year when the Super Bowl itself eclipses the ads, but 2010 was such a year. Bob Garfield declares in Advertising Age that most of the spots were skippable and asserts he is "totally pro-TiVo." His picks for a few of the (relatively speaking) best and... More »

Saturn: GM's Biggest Mistake

Brand was an unsustainable distraction from the start

(Newser) - As General Motors’ Saturn experiment ends with a whimper, it’s important to understand that the brand was a failure from the start. Some obituaries blame GM for not providing a fuller roster of vehicles to build customer loyalty—but if anything, the automaker gave Saturn too much, writes Mark... More »

Cut-Rate Hyundai Gets Major Mileage Out of Downturn

Once a joke, South Korean automaker is No. 4 in global sales

(Newser) - As the recession batters most automakers, onetime industry laughingstock Hyundai is riding high. The South Korean company just had its best retail month ever, the Washington Post reports. Its share of the US market rose from 3.6% to 4.6%, and it passed Ford to become fourth in global... More »

Travel Back to Normal in Koreas

(Newser) - Travel between North and South Korea returned to normal today, eight months after Pyongyang clamped down on imports from the South. It's the latest sign of warming ties between the two Koreas, following a recent deal on reuniting separating families and the fight high-level diplomatic talks in two years. Negotiations... More »

N. Korea to Reopen Border With South

Tourism and reunions with relatives in SK now possible

(Newser) - North Korea pledged today to reopen its borders with the south for tourism and family visits after reclusive leader Kim Jong-il met with the head of the South Korean Hyundai Group in Pyongyang, reports Reuters. Hyundai's Hyon Jong Un met the ailing Kim to secure the release of a detained... More »

Ford to Make Car Payments for Buyers Who Lose Jobs

Firm will cover up to $700/month for a year

(Newser) - With auto sales battered by the recession and tight credit, Ford is offering a payment protection plan to reassure consumers delaying buying new cars because of job-loss fears, the AP reports. The automaker will cover payments of up to $700 each month for up to a year on any new... More »

Ford, Hyundai Win Top Wheels Honors

Ford F-150, Hyundai Genesis named top 2009 vehicles

(Newser) - Here's some good news for ailing Detroit: The redesigned Ford F-150 was named North America's Truck of the Year yesterday by a team of journalists who preferred its design, handling, drive and value to the other finalists, the Dodge Ram and Mercedez ML320. Korean automakers clinched their first victory... More »

Lost Your Job? Hyundai Will Buy Your Car Back

New incentive plan offers mostly risk-free ownership for a year

(Newser) - With rebates and other incentives failing to entice buyers, Hyundai is letting hard-luck owners return their cars, CNNMoney reports. Buyers who can't make payments because they got fired or went bankrupt are allowed to trade cars back with little or no obligation, within a year. "The goal is that... More »

Detroit's Pain Could Be South's Gain

The South is home to eight foreign auto plants and more are on the way

(Newser) - Is Greer, SC, the new Motor City? With execs from the Big Three getting a frosty reception to their efforts to wrest $25 billion from the federal government to stay solvent, the home of BMW’s North American operations—as well as other Southern communities that are home to foreign... More »

Asian Stocks Dive

Gains of recent days wiped out as investors switch focus back to slumping economy

(Newser) - Dismal earnings predictions from major companies snapped a three-day gain in Asian markets, Bloomberg reports. Japan's Nikkei index skidded 6.5% after Hyundai, Panasonic, and Isuzu warned that the US slowdown would hit earnings. Hong Kong's Hang Seng dropped 6.4%, while News Corp's Australian shares took a 21% hit—... More »

Ford Sales, Off 34%, Key Ugly US Autos Report

Nissan down 37%; Toyota sees 32% drop; GM fares better, but still 16% lower

(Newser) - As expected, early sales reports from automakers paint a dismal picture, MarketWatch reports. Ford reports a 34% drop in US sales in September compared to a year ago; Toyota’s were off 32% and General Motors’ fell 16%, AP adds. Industry-wide, sales are down almost 20% over this time in... More »

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