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Sudan's Expulsion of Aid Groups Imperils Region

President kicked Oxfam, others out after ICC war crimes charges

(Newser) - The expulsion of international aid groups from Sudan not only raises the risk of starvation for millions of people in Darfur's refugee camps, but is also sparking fears of increased violence by rebel groups opposed to President Omar al-Bashir, the Christian Science Monitor reports. "People with weapons are everywhere,... More »

Israel Welcomes 500 Darfur Refugees

All others will be expelled

(Newser) - Israel has agreed to allow 498 refugees who fled Darfur through Egypt to remain in the country, although their legal status remains undecided. Africans from other parts of the continent and new arrivals from Darfur, however, will be expelled. Egypt has agreed to accept refugees who are returned after trying... More »

Darfur Lake Is Dried Up, Draining Hope

Huge underground lake, a hope for peace, emptied 5K years ago

(Newser) - Hopes for an enormous underground lake discovered recently in Darfur might supply enough water to end starvation and violence in the area were dimmed by a second opinion from  a French geologist. The area receives too little rain and has the wrong type of rocks for water storage, said a... More »

3 Stories