Ron Poppo

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No Actual Flesh Found in Stomach of Miami Face-Eater

Autopsy finds undigested pills, but what kind not known yet

(Newser) - Whatever the cause of Rudy Eugene's horrifying attack on a homeless 65-year-old in Miami two weeks ago, it looks like he was not actually eating Ron Poppo's face. No human flesh was found in Eugene's stomach, according to preliminary autopsy results, reports the New York Daily News... More »

Girlfriend: I Felt Safe With Face-Eater

Eugene was religious, only smoked pot: Yovanka Bryant

(Newser) - The woman who dated the Miami man shot to death by a police officer as he chewed off a vagrant's face said she always felt "safe" with him. Rudy Eugene, 31, was religious, never violent, and the strongest drug he used was pot, insisted Yovanka Bryant, who dated... More »

2 Stories