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First Death Linked to Legal Colorado Weed

Teen jumped to his death after eating pot cookie

(Newser) - For the first time since Colorado legalized weed for recreational use, a coroner has listed "marijuana intoxication" as a contributor to a death. Wyoming student Levy Thamba was in Denver on spring break with three friends when he jumped to his death from a Holiday Inn balcony after eating... More »

Colorado Court Reverses Some Pot Convictions

Defendants were in legal limbo after state legalized possession

(Newser) - Advocates of pot legalization have a little something extra to cheer about in Colorado. A state appeals court ruled that people who were appealing their possession convictions when Colorado voters legalized small amounts are in the clear, reports Reuters . It's not expected to affect a large number of cases,... More »

DC's New Punishment for Pot Possession: $25 Fine

Mayor says he'll sign measure; advocates don't expect lawmakers to intervene

(Newser) - Unless federal officials intervene—a move advocates describe as unlikely—Washington, DC, will soon partially decriminalize marijuana. The city council voted 10-1 yesterday to nix jail time for possession of up to an ounce and smoking at home, instead imposing fines of just $25 for those offenses. That's a... More »

Calif. Gov: Stoners Will Be Our Downfall If Pot Is Legal

Jerry Brown says we won't be 'alert' enough

(Newser) - Jerry Brown thinks legalizing marijuana would put California and the rest of America at a competitive disadvantage, because we'd have too many stoners. Toward the end of a brief Meet the Press interview yesterday, the California governor was asked about Colorado and Washington's legalization moves. It was just... More »

Colorado Should Release Non-Violent Pot Offenders

Matt Ferner wonders why this isn't already happening

(Newser) - Earlier this week, a fake news story claiming that Colorado was releasing people imprisoned for pot crimes went viral. The story was meant as a joke—"but in all seriousness, why is this not happening?" writes Matt Ferner in the Huffington Post . A number of advocates have called for... More »

How Dangerous Is Driving Stoned?

Experts say fighting drunk driving should be priority

(Newser) - With marijuana now fully legal in two states and others set to follow , should authorities be cracking down on stoned driving? Experts say doing so could be tough, because standard field sobriety tests aren't very good at detecting tokers, and the outcome depends a lot on how used to... More »

Feds Ease Up on Banks Dealing With Pot Businesses

But not all are convinced that new 'guidance' is sufficient

(Newser) - The Obama administration today gave banks a road map for doing business with legal marijuana sellers without getting into trouble, a step by the federal government toward enabling a legalized marijuana industry to operate in states that approve it. The guidance issued by the Justice Department and Treasury Department was... More »

Next Legal Pot State: Alaska?

State will vote on full legalization this summer

(Newser) - High times in the far north could lie ahead: A measure to legalize marijuana for recreational use in Alaska has gained enough signatures to make it onto the primary ballot this August, reports the Anchorage Daily News . Alaska legalized medical marijuana in 1999, but full legalization was rejected in 2000... More »

Next Big Step for Pot Business: Banks?

Holder says feds are working on new regulations

(Newser) - The Obama administration will soon take the radical step of allowing legal pot businesses to actually put their money in banks—sort of. At an event yesterday, Eric Holder said he was working with the Treasury Department on new regulations and would unveil them "very soon," Politico reports.... More »

New Hampshire Makes a Little History on Marijuana

House becomes first legislative body to vote to legalize (but a veto awaits)

(Newser) - If the state House in New Hampshire had its way, residents would be able to legally indulge in a little recreational marijuana. The chamber voted 170-162 today in favor of legalizing up to 1 ounce of pot, reports the Concord Monitor . The measure also would make it legal to grow... More »

Colorado Airport Installing 'Marijuana Amnesty Boxes'

If you accidentally brought it to the airport, you put your weed in there

(Newser) - So excited about the legalization of marijuana in Colorado that you forgot it's still illegal to carry pot on a plane? Amnesty boxes are going up at the Colorado Springs airport for just that situation. Under the Colorado law legalizing recreational marijuana, it is legal to leave the drug... More »

Colorado's '420' Mile Marker Now Reads '419.99'

Sign kept getting stolen in state that legalized recreational pot

(Newser) - On Interstate 70 in Colorado, the sign marking mile 420 kept getting stolen by what the Denver Post calls "sticky-fingered stoners." Now, Colorado, which recently legalized recreational pot , has come up with what it calls an "innovative solution" to the problem: There's no more 420 sign... More »

Hey, ObamaCare: Learn From Colorado's Pot Rollout

Nick Gillespie offers up 3 lessons

(Newser) - What's the difference between the rollout of ObamaCare and the rollout of legal marijuana sales in Colorado? Well, the latter was "overwhelmingly successful." The former, not so much. "Both policies ... fundamentally challenge our nation’s legal structures, business practices, and social customs," writes Nick Gillespie... More »

Yes, We Smoked, but Legalization Is a Bad Idea

Brooks, Marcus think Colorado, Washington have the wrong idea

(Newser) - Two veteran columnists weigh in on the legalization of pot in Colorado and in Washington state, and neither is happy about it:
  • David Brooks: He smoked for a while as a teen. "It was fun," he writes in the New York Times . "I have some fond memories
... More »

First Day of Colo. Pot Sales Stays Mellow

World watches as recreational sales begin

(Newser) - America's first legal recreational marijuana went on sale in Colorado yesterday and "Green Wednesday" was, perhaps unsurprisingly, a pretty mellow affair. At least 24 pot stores in eight towns opened for business and police say there were no incidents, apart from one person being issued a summons for... More »

America's 1st Recreational Pot Licenses Issued

136 Colorado stores get green light

(Newser) - Colorado's government has issued the state's—and the country's—first licenses to operate businesses selling marijuana for recreational use. The state's Marijuana Enforcement Division has mailed out licenses to 136 marijuana stores, mostly in Denver, and they can start serving customers from January 1 if their... More »

Uruguayans Get New Pot Dealer: Their Government

Country is first to fully legalize marijuana

(Newser) - Marijuana legalization has been taken to the next level in Uruguay, where lawmakers have voted to make the government the first in the world to oversee the growing, distribution, and sale of the drug. The pioneering law, which takes effect in April, will allow registered users over 18 to buy... More »

Voters OK Recreational Pot, Doom Astrodome

Colorado backs marijuana tax

(Newser) - Portland, Maine—the Amsterdam of the East Coast? A measure to legalize marijuana for recreational use in the city has won in a landslide, reports the Portland Press Herald . The measure, which allows people over 21 to possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana, is a win for legalization... More »

Denver Scraps Plan to Outlaw Pot-Smoking in Yards

Rule would have forbidden the smell of marijuana

(Newser) - Residents of Denver will be able to smoke pot in their backyards after all. The city has ditched a proposed rule that would have made even the smell of marijuana wafting from somebody's yard an arrestable offense punishable by up to a year in jail, reports the Denver Post... More »

Marijuana Milestone: Most Favor Legalization

In Gallup poll, 58% of Americans say pot should be legal

(Newser) - Congratulations, advocates of legal marijuana: You are now mainstream America. The latest poll from Gallup says that 58% of Americans favor legalization, the first time a clear majority has backed the idea. The drip-drip-drip of news stories about victories in states such as Colorado and Washington seems to have helped... More »

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