Black September

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Germany Met With Terrorists After 1972 Olympic Strike

Black September group negotiated terms with German officials

(Newser) - Der Spiegel is reporting that Germany met with perpetrators of the 1972 Olympics massacre after the attack and made a deal with them to "rebuild trust," reports Ynet News . Fearing further strikes, German officials initiated the meetings with members of the Palestinian terrorist group Black September and insisted... More »

Neo-Nazi Linked to Munich Olympics Massacre

Willi Pohl chauffeured attacks' mastermind

(Newser) - The killings of 11 Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics in 1972 have long been blamed on a Palestinian terrorist group—but Black September didn't act alone. The planner of the attacks was assisted by German Neo-Nazi Willi Pohl, 40-year-old German intelligence documents released by Der Spiegel reveal. When... More »

2 Stories