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Google Really Wants Someone to Hack Chromebook

Not a single person has been able to, so the company has doubled the reward to $100K

(Newser) - For six years Google has been leaning on some of the world's best hackers to find problems in a wide range of its products through its bug bounty program, paying $2 million to hundreds of winners last year alone. But after announcing a $50,000 reward for the persistent... More »

Hackers Exploited Windows Flaw to Spy

Signs point to Russian cyberespionage—but why the 'Dune' references?

(Newser) - Microsoft is releasing a patch today to fix a vulnerability in its Windows OS—but not before a cyberespionage campaign against Ukrainian government employees and an American expert on Russia took place. According to the iSight cyberintelligence firm, which discovered the bug last month, hackers sent malicious PowerPoints to users... More »

Gov'ts Are Paying Hackers Big Bucks for Software Bugs

Stuxnet created a market for software vulnerabilities

(Newser) - Hackers no longer need to break into online banking sites or steal your credit card info to make money. Over the past few years, a new market has evolved where they can make serious cash without even breaking the law: finding bugs and vulnerabilities in popular software (think Windows, web... More »

Not a Peep From Tweeters as Twitter Crashes

Hacker group UGNazi boasts it gummed up works

(Newser) - Tweeters were squawking yesterday when Twitter crashed hard. The system was down from noon to 1 pm ET, but then crashed again an hour later and intermittently throughout the afternoon when Twitter admitted the "issue in ongoing," reports CNN . Most service was restored by late afternoon. The problem... More »

4 Stories