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Apple's Samsung Apology Mocks 'Not as Cool' Tablet

Uses judge's own words in public posting

(Newser) - Remember when Apple was ordered to post an embarrassing mea culpa on its UK website, proclaiming publicly that Samsung didn't copy the iPad? Well, Apple has complied —and in the court-ordered 14-point font —but with a distinct lack of contrition, quoting extensively from the judge's ruling... More »

Apple Loses Appeal Vs. 'Not as Cool' Samsung

UK court rules Samsung did not copy iPad

(Newser) - The latest development in the ongoing battle between Samsung and Apple should put the matter to rest in Europe: A British court has denied Apple's appeal of the court decision ruling that Samsung did not copy the popular iPad when it designed its Galaxy tablet, reports Reuters . There were... More »

Samsung Drags iPhone 5 Into Patent War

On the same day the Galaxy Tab 10.1 is unbanned

(Newser) - Apple's newest handset hasn't escaped its bitter patent war with Samsung. The Korean manufacturer filed a complaint against the iPhone 5 yesterday, claiming it violates all the same patents that earlier iterations did, ZDNet reports. So far the only casualties of the patent war have been older products,... More »

Japan Hands Samsung Win in Apple Patent Wars

Sync tech no infringement; Apple ordered to pay court costs

(Newser) - Samsung may have lost a major battle with Apple last week, but the patent wars go on—and the latest victory is Samsung's. Samsung scored a win versus Apple in a Japanese court today, this time in a case over the tech that synchronizes music and video data with... More »

Samsung Issues Single Sentence on Ban

Will do whatever it takes to keep its phones in your hands

(Newser) - Yesterday, Apple filed papers asking a court to extend a ban on US sales of Samsung's cell version of the Galaxy. Samsung's response, issued today, required only a single sheet. "We will take all necessary measures to ensure the availability of our products in the US market,... More »

Apple Demands Ban on US Sales of Galaxy

Tech giants continue to duke it out in court

(Newser) - As Samsung's stock plummeted crazily today, Apple was busy kicking its rival while it's down a billion dollars or so: The Cupertino tech giant today filed papers asking a court to extend a ban on US sales of Samsung's cell version of the Galaxy, reports Bloomberg , in... More »

S. Korean Court to Apple, Samsung: You're Both Guilty

3-judge panel makes both companies pay minor fine

(Newser) - Samsung did indeed violate one of Apple's patents in making its Galaxy mobile devices—but Apple violated two of Samsung's patents right back, a South Korean court concluded today. A three-judge panel awarded both companies damages that were a lot lower than what they were asking for, and... More »

Judge Hands Apple Really Embarrassing Punishment

Must run 'Samsung didn't copy us' ads in UK

(Newser) - It's the high-tech version of the old "carry an embarrassing sign around" punishment: A British judge yesterday ordered Apple to run notices on its UK website stating that Samsung didn't copy the iPad. The notices—which effectively act as ads for Samsung, points out a lawyer for... More »

Galaxy Tab Not 'Cool' Enough to Be iPad Ripoff

British court rules in favor of Samsung

(Newser) - Samsung won a bittersweet victory in a British court today: A judge ruled that Samsung's Galaxy Tab wasn't an Apple rip-off, but only because it was entirely too stodgy to be mistaken for the iPad, reports Bloomberg . The Samsung gadgets "do not have the same understated and... More »

Sorry, Apple: Court OKs Galaxy Nexus Sales

...for now

(Newser) - Apple's two-week-old legal victories have just been cut in half. In late June, a judge halted US sales of two Samsung products, the Galaxy Nexus smartphone and the Galaxy Tab 10.1. But on Friday an appeals court rejected the preliminary injunction on the Nexus, Wired reports, though it... More »

Apple Wins Big: Judge Bans Sales of Samsung Tablet

Galaxy Tab 10.1 ruling marks Apple's 'greatest victory yet' in patent battle

(Newser) - The Galaxy Tab 10.1 is such an iPad rip-off that it can no longer be sold in the US, a district court judge announced yesterday, issuing a preliminary injunction against the sale of Samsung's tablet. Samsung "does not have a right to compete unfairly by flooding the... More »

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