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Rescued Pit Bull Saves Boy's Life

Sensed his low blood sugar and warned mom

(Newser) - Pit bulls don't get a lot of good press, but here's one pooch doing its part to change the breed's image: TatorTot, a rescued pit bull from Minneapolis possibly saved a 4-year-old boy's life after he sensed a dangerous drop in the youngster's blood sugar... More »

T-1 Day Til Dems' Convention

Team Romney looks to steal some thunder from Charlotte convention

(Newser) - Counting the minutes til the Democratic National Convention begins? Here's what has been happening in advance of tomorrow's kickoff, and what you can expect when the Democrats' big shebang begins:
  • Yesterday saw weaker-than-expected protests: Some 800 protesters took to the streets in Charlotte to slam big banks, lax
... More »

Pitbull Makes it to Alaska Walmart, Gets Bear Spray

Internet quest to send rapper to Kodiak pays off

(Newser) - The Internet successfully sent Pitbull to Alaska . The Miami rapper was in Kodiak yesterday, along with David Thorpe, the Boston writer who initially dreamed up the idea to get the rapper—who has a Walmart marketing deal and had agreed to visit the Walmart location that got the most Facebook... More »

Celebs Who've Been Bashed in Songs

Chris Brown, Drake not the first to feud via music

(Newser) - Chris Brown burned Drake via rap after the recent nightclub brawl between their entourages (sample lyric: "They throwin' bottles, I'm throwin' models"), and if that's the sort of spiteful gossip you can't help but love, you're in luck: The Huffington Post rounds up 14... More »

Internet's Odd Quest: Send Pitbull to Alaska Walmart

#ExilePitbull campaign is going very well so far

(Newser) - Pitbull's marketing deal with Walmart may backfire on him: The Miami rapper is getting sent to whichever Walmart store gets the most "likes" on its Facebook page, and right now the store in the lead is in … Kodiak, Alaska, population just north of 6,000. That's... More »

5 Stories