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It Will Take Years to Deal With Leaking Colo. Mine

Wastewater spill has now reached Lake Powell

(Newser) - It will take many years and many millions of dollars simply to manage and not even remove the toxic wastewater from an abandoned mine that unleashed a 100-mile-long torrent of heavy metals into Western rivers that has likely reached Lake Powell, experts say. Plugging Colorado's Gold King Mine, which... More »

Toxic Water Still Leaking Into Colorado River

Other abandoned mines are now the issue, officials say

(Newser) - The wastewater spill into Colorado's Animas River isn't just more severe than the Environmental Protection Agency initially estimated: It's steadily getting worse in terms of volume, even a week after the initial incident . Between 500 and 700 gallons of metal-laced water is still spilling from the abandoned... More »

US Sends Underwater Drones to Persian Gulf

The remote-controlled SeaFox hunts mines

(Newser) - As tensions worsen with Iran, the US is adding a new weapon to its Persian Gulf arsenal: the underwater drone. Called the SeaFox, it's a 4-foot-long, remote-controlled submarine capable of hunting for undersea mines and detonating them, reports the Telegraph . Iran has been threatening to blockade the Strait of... More »

3 Stories