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'Economic Suicides' Soaring in Europe

Tragic suicide notes grip public

(Newser) - Tough times are taking a heavy toll on the mental health of Europeans. The last few years have seen thousands of what media outlets have labeled "economic suicides" among unemployed or fearful workers in Greece, Italy, Ireland, and elsewhere, finds the Washington Post . Researchers have found that other signs... More »

Euro Crisis Rocking Global Corporations

Weak economy plus austerity equals 'vicious circle,' says economist

(Newser) - As the EU economic crisis spirals ever downward , corporations are in fact looking increasingly like people, blaming the continent's troubles for their plummeting earnings, reports the Wall Street Journal . And with increasing austerity programs kicking in across Europe in 2013, analysts think money is just getting tighter. "We... More »

German Credit Rating Downgraded to Negative

Move may indicate threat to Germany's AAA rating

(Newser) - Germany, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg may have strong credit ratings, but that didn't stop Moody's from downgrading all three to "negative" yesterday, as the never-ending euro crisis continues to deepen, reports Reuters . The rating agency specifically warned about yesterday's threat by Germany to kick Greece out... More »

3 Stories