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Story About Iceland Sets Off Angry Debate Over Abortion

CBS explored the declining number of Down syndrome births

(Newser) - A story by CBS News about the declining number of Down syndrome births in Iceland has caused an uproar, with conservative critics accusing the story of celebrating abortion and others lashing out at Iceland itself. There's so much to unpack that even the myth-busting site Snopes has weighed in... More »

Major Insurance Groups Call Out GOP Health Bill

Rare joint statement calls Ted Cruz provision 'unworkable'

(Newser) - Two of the insurance industry's most powerful organizations say a crucial provision in the Senate GOP health care bill allowing the sale of bare-bones policies is "unworkable in any form," delivering a blow to party leaders' efforts to win support for their legislation, the AP reports. The... More »

Ted Cruz May Have Solved GOP Health Care Problem

Cruz amendment being considered by CBO

(Newser) - Ted Cruz could be the one to push an ObamaCare repeal and replacement through the House and Senate, the Hill reports. A GOP aide says the Congressional Budget Office is looking at two versions of the Better Care Reconciliation Act—one of which contains an amendment by Cruz that is... More »

This Photo Prompted One of Ted Cruz's Best Jokes Ever

It involves Chuck Schumer, Ben Sasse, and ... male rompers

(Newser) - A caption contest on Twitter this week ended up pulling in Ted Cruz, Chuck Schumer, and a romper for men that's inexplicably all the rage. Mashable reports on a photo tweeted out Thursday by the Washington Free Beacon that showed a somewhat disheveled-looking Schumer chatting with Nebraska Sen. Ben... More »

Ted Cruz Wants Drug Lord to Pay for Border Wall

Senator introduces 'EL CHAPO' bill

(Newser) - Mexico says it won't pay for the border wall, but Ted Cruz has a plan to solve the funding standoff that involves getting a rich Mexican to pay for it. The senator introduced the EL CHAPO—Ensuring Lawful Collection of Hidden Assets to Provide Order—Act on Tuesday, calling... More »

Former Punk Rocker Enters Race to Bring Down Ted Cruz

Rep. Beto O'Rourke might be the Democrats' best hope in 2018

(Newser) - Texas hasn't elected a Democrat to the US Senate in 30 years, the Austin American-Statesman reports. Beto O'Rourke wants to end that drought—by taking down Sen. Ted Cruz. The US representative from El Paso officially entered the race against the former presidential candidate Friday. O'Rourke isn'... More »

Ted Cruz Irks China, Meets Taiwan Leader

Move comes amid tense relations after Trump phone call

(Newser) - Ted Cruz has joined his rival-turned-ally Donald Trump in tweaking China . The Texas senator met with Taiwan's president Sunday when she stopped in Houston on her way to Central America, reports the AP . Cruz made a point to show that he was defying the wishes of China in doing... More »

Ted Cruz: Here's How to 'Drain the Swamp'

He and Rep. Ron DeSantis call for congressional term limits

(Newser) - Donald Trump promised to "drain the swamp," and in the Washington Post today, Sen. Ted Cruz and Rep. Ron DeSantis have an idea for how to do just that: congressional term limits. When the 115th Congress convenes, Cruz (who is in his first term) and DeSantis (who will... More »

US Hands the Internet Over to the International Community

Long-planned handover officially happened on Saturday

(Newser) - The US has officially ceded control over the internet Domain Name System, or DNS. DNS, a key protocol used for routing modern internet traffic, is controlled by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, or ICANN. Since 1998, ICANN has been under contract with the US government to administer... More »

Ted Cruz Offers 'Stunning' Endorsement of Donald Trump

He now says a man he once called 'utterly amoral' should be president

(Newser) - Ted Cruz believes an "utterly amoral" "serial philanderer" who's also an unprecedented "narcissist" and "arrogant buffoon" should be the next leader of the free world. That's right: Cruz has officially endorsed Donald Trump for president. In a Facebook post Friday, Cruz says he's... More »

Trump: If Cruz Endorses Me, I Won't Accept

'Just so you understand'

(Newser) - Despite Ted Cruz's refusal to endorse Donald Trump at the GOP convention, Trump thinks Cruz will eventually come around—but he has no intention of accepting any future thumbs-up, ABC News reports. "[Cruz will] come and endorse over the next little while," he told convention volunteers Friday... More »

Cruz Explains: I Don't Support People Who Attack My Family

He also rules out voting for Hillary Clinton

(Newser) - Ted Cruz didn't exactly have a change of heart in regard to Donald Trump overnight: After being booed Wednesday night for failing to endorse the GOP nominee , Cruz addressed Texas delegates Thursday morning and declared, "I am not in the habit of supporting people who attack my wife... More »

'Lyin' Ted' Gets His Revenge

Trump snub leaves convention stunned

(Newser) - A few days ago, not many people would have bet on the GOP convention's most controversial moment coming from Ted Cruz instead of Donald Trump, but Trump will have to work hard to outdo what analysts are calling a stunning snub from his not-so-vanquished rival. Angry Republicans yelled "... More »

Angry RNC Crowd Turns on Heidi Cruz

She had to be escorted past people yelling 'Goldman Sachs'

(Newser) - Things got ugly quickly at the Quicken Loans Arena after Ted Cruz stunned the crowd by refusing to endorse Donald Trump . Heidi Cruz "was escorted out by security as crowd gets angry," tweeted CNN's Manu Raju. Former Cruz aide Ken Cuccinelli says he helped get Heidi out... More »

Gingrich Finds Silver Lining for Trump in Cruz Speech

Former speaker turns rival's words into an endorsement

(Newser) - After Ted Cruz's boo-inducing non-endorsement of Donald Trump —one in which he told people to "vote your conscience"—Newt Gingrich took the stage and put a more positive spin on Cruz's words for Trump supporters. "I think you misunderstood one paragraph" in Cruz's... More »

Ted Cruz Booed, Doesn't Endorse Trump

But he does at least congratulate him

(Newser) - Ted Cruz stood before the third night of the Republican National Convention on Wednesday with an entire convention center awaiting the answer to the question: Will he endorse Donald Trump or won't he? The answer came late in a speech that was well received until the end. "We... More »

Trump, Cruz Smooch on a Giant Cleveland Billboard

Anti-homophobia message in sign located near GOP convention site

(Newser) - First they painted a house across from the Westboro Baptist Church the colors of the rainbow. On Thursday the Planting Peace charity erected its next measure of support for the LGBT community: a giant billboard on West 25th Street in Cleveland showing Donald Trump and Ted Cruz about to smooch.... More »

What It's Like to Be Beaten by Donald Trump

The heads of 3 vanquished GOP presidential campaigns look back

(Newser) - The Huffington Post sat down for a 90-minute conversation with the heads of three vanquished Republican presidential campaigns to find out "what it's like to lose to Donald Trump." Forty or so days after Trump became the presumptive nominee, the representatives of the Bush, Cruz, and Rubio... More »

The Cruz Campaign Is Up to Something in Texas

Former POTUS candidate may be trying to influence Texas delegates

(Newser) - He didn't take Nebraska , but Ted Cruz has been dropping hints that he may restart his presidential bid , and news out of Texas leant a bit of momentum to that rumor. "We have a busy weekend planned," a source said to be familiar with Cruz's camp... More »

Ted Cruz Says He Might Get Back in the Race

It's all up to Nebraska now

(Newser) - The good voters of Nebraska may pull a Melisandre and resurrect the lifeless corpse of Ted Cruz's presidential campaign on Tuesday. Cruz, who dropped out of the race after losing the Indiana primary last week, tells Glenn Beck he might jump back into the race if he somehow wins... More »

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